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[Q] slow charge, fast drain, hot batt, jb update

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Plug [Q] slow charge, fast drain, hot batt, jb update

Hi guys

I have a galaxy s relay 4g

It took 2 hours of constant usage, to kill the battery from 50 to 0%
Figuring this was normal, I was configuring everytthing while downloading 50apps over wifi

Note phone was on airplane mode, but wifi was on.

Next day I updated from stock ics to stock jb
Turned it on, it was at 91% and after 5 min of usage the phone said it was too hot to charge the bat.

Phone went from 91% charge down to dead with one hour of moderate usage and 2 hour siting idle on airplane mode, wifi on..

It was 46c on batt temp whole time

Charged for 3 hours from pc usb and it gained 3%.

Charged another 3 on wall socket that came with nokia lumia, rated at 1400mA.
Charged 15%
The battery info showed that even though the phone was off, it woke up many times during the night -- IT WAS OFF as in the battery with the 4 white circles on the bottom were showing!
Turned off, removed sdcard, factory reset (left sd out, its still out) i
Came back ok, it syned to google and reinstalled all my apps, then died again

I've tried 2 batteries, and 3 different chargers,
I factory reset the phone too.

Wake lock says the android system used 18% of the battery... other than that I can't see anything obviously wrong
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Stock on any device is also resource hungry.... What are the specs of the chargers you are using...certain chargers will not put out the needed amount of ma or volts...which also messes with a Samsung battery overcharge feature

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Charger 1 is my pc usb port, which charged my other two phones (mytouch q by lg and sammy captivate glide) about 70% as fast as charger 2.
Charger 2 is what came with phone but doesn't appear oem. 5.7v at 600mA
Charger 3 is the oem charger which came with wifes lumia 925 which rates at 5v at 1400mA

Its "charging" in my car now, no sim card, wifi on and connected to a medium strength signal, 0% charged and I wached the voltage steadily decline as I hit refresh in the gsam battery monitor. Started at 3.3v and in a minute was at 3.18v. Still 0%
Car charger is a no name brand (which kept my captivate charged pretty well despite using gps at the end of my 6 hour drive the phone was still at 75%.)

The battery is samsung oem.
The first battery I tried is also samsung oem.

I also have a 5v 1amp charger that will fill both phones between 1 and 2 hours if memory serves, the 1.4 doesn't seem to go any faster as I guess the won draw much if any more than 1 amp.

Given all of the above I'm inclined to think its software or other hardware issue.... phone was sold as "seller refurbished" on ebay, but the description says its just an open box sale of a phone that came back within the first 7 days....and yes I bought a square trade warranty in case some BS like this happened.... but want to try and fix before going that route.

Is there no way to factory reset to the original ics firmware?

I see you also have a relay, once I get this all figured out id love to root and rom mine like you have yours!
I know the newer android roms have more features but are they more or less responsive in general?
Main reason I got a relay instead of another captivate glide is the relay has much more rom development.
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And now the red charging led isn't even turning on..... I wonder if its defective.

Shame I can't return it now, the screen has light scratches (was in my pocket while I was working under my carL
And it was sold in like new condition
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Grabbed a brand new USB cable plugged the phone into a 5th charger, oem HTC radar, 5v at 1amp

swapped the battery for the 1st one I had.

Appeared to charge fine. Pulled out the charge cord at 50%, plugged it right back in.... the battery charging screen went from about 50% down to 20% in 1 second.
Confused, I left it plugged in and went to bed.

Got up this morning and it was dead again.... while plugged in, while off, not even the charging led was on. switched to the 1.4A charger, still nothing... hit the home button a couple times and the thing woke up into the battery charging screen (it ignored the power button the whole time)

The gsam screen was even more interesting:

it doesn't show much but the line graph showed a rapid decline from 20% down to almost 0 from some short time before 3 am, then
3 hours from 3am to 6am, the charge went from near 0 to 50%, and then in half the time back down to near 0.
The temp graph wasn't a line, but fragments of one

does Gsam show the amperage of the draw or charge on yours? its only ever given my the voltage of the battery and shows 1mA on the bottom of the battery,

ebay seller says clean the charge port with alcohol.... not sure why someone should need to do that on a "like new" phone but I'll have to try and find something tiny to shove a paper towel in there with..... that would account for the not charging but not for the high drain.... could thins thing have a short someplace?
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sounds to me like a defective device. the fact that you did a factory reset and it's still not charging even with it turned off is probably the biggest sign there. it can't be any apps you've installed because you wiped them all off. i think you've gone way above what should be normally expected of a customer in terms of troubleshooting your device. hairline scratches on the phone are fine. you should still be able to return/exchange it IMHO. especially with the squaretrade thing.

yes, it's possible to flash back to stock ICS but if it's not working with the factory rom (whether ics or jb) the phone obviously has issues.

i just bought mine a couple weeks ago too, though not over ebay. i found a local tmobile "authorized" store (advertising on craigslist) that was selling stuff with similar description - open item or customer purchased and returned within a week. i have used mine on all sorts of chargers without issue: a motorola dual-usb rated at 750ma in the car, a monoprice 2.1a charger built into the 10-outlet power strip at my desk, 2 different laptop usb ports, and a samsung wall charger rated at i think 1.8a which came with my wife's galaxy tab 2. i never ran stock rom for more than about a day or so, just to verify proper operation of the phone, and now i run cyanogenmod11. i can go all day on a charge with what i consider medium to semi-heavy usage, which i think is great.

for example, yesterday i unplugged at about 9am after an overnight charge (with the phone on - i almost never turn it off because i have to be able to receive on-call alert emails from work). i got the day started in the attic installing radiant barrier (so it was rather hot). i had the phone in my pocket streaming a shoutcast station over wifi for probably about 4 hours. later, i watched a 30 minute show on netflix (also wifi), played some wordfeud, surfed the net a bit, watched some youtube videos on fixing my weed eater, did a few emails for work, probably 20-30 texts and maybe 10 minutes worth of phone calls. by 11pm i was still around 30% charge remaining. at no time did i plug in my phone during the day.

i have an extended battery on its way from china, so i expect to be able to go 2 full days on a charge with similar usage. and the thicker back plate will make it easier to hold, since i have such long fingers.

tl;dr - you got a bad phone. exchange it.
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