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[ROM][Apr 11][4.4.2] I9100 AOSP NeatROM v4.2

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Prompt [ROM][Apr 11][4.4.2] I9100 AOSP NeatROM v4.2

Welcome to AOSP NeatROM for S2
Simple, clean and reliable

  • AOSP NeatROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100
  • April 11, 2014
  • Firmware: I9100 AOSP NeatROM v4.2 (4.4.2)
  • Compiled from the latest SlimKat repos
  • The Real Dark Slim
  • Notification drawer Shortcuts
  • Full hardware key rebinding
  • Keyboard rotation
  • Nova Launcher
  • Superuser
  • Darker Camera - colour filter options, gps indicator, picture quality, smart capture, shutter sound...
  • Darker Gallery
  • Phasebeam LiveWallpaper
  • Wifi country code
  • Mediascanner behaviour on boot
  • Volume key cursor control
  • Show permanent enter key on keyboard
  • IME selector notification
  • Auto keyboard rotation feature
  • Systemwide blacklist support for calls and sms/mms
  • Pattern size customizing
  • Lock before unlock the new way
  • Lockscreen shortcuts
  • Fully revamped lockscreen target options
  • Start widgets maximized on lockscreen
  • Enable carousel animation on lockscreen
  • Enable/disable camera widget on lockscreen
  • Full customizable low battery warning
  • Wake up on charge
  • Volume rocker wake
  • Volume rocker music control
  • CRT animation the new way with new animation as well
  • Fully customizable auto brightness
  • Display rotation options (0, 90, 180, 270)
  • Fully customizable volume panel
  • Power connectivity alert
  • Less frequent notification sounds
  • Ascending ringtone
  • Control safe headset warning
  • Mute Camera shutter sound
  • Quiet hours new extended version
  • Mute Volume adjust sound
  • SlimCenter
  • Fully global menu customization
  • Fully revamped navigation bar and navigation ring customizations
  • Statusbar brightness control
  • Full Clock and date customization on status bar
  • Battery icons
  • Quick settings style options
  • Quick pulldown for quick settings
  • Easy full swipe access between notification drawer and quicksettings
  • Wifi access point is shown in notification drawer
  • Hide carrier label on notification drawer
  • Notification drawer shortcuts
  • Notification transparency
  • Notification drawer and quicksettings background as well with tablet support
  • Fully customizable quick settings the new way with new included music tiles and features
  • Battery tile new click/longpress behaviour
  • Allow to disable QuickSettings completly
  • Option in Dev Set to customize the device hostname
  • SystemUI - double tap to sleep gesture
  • IPV6 tethering support
  • Allow applications to override power key
  • DeskClock - back flip and shake actions
  • Navigation bar
  • Global menu - Expanded desktop
  • Wakeup Options
  • Enable/Disable Root (Enabled by default)
  • Fixed StatusBar Back Button
  • Es File Explorer
  • www.NeatROM.com as default home page for browser
  • NeatROM Bootanimation v4 Big thanks to @momo.martinovic
  • Added Mass Storage option (MTP/PTP/Mass Storage)
  • Init.d Support
  • Added support for ADB over network
  • Disabled charging LED
  • Fully Customizable Hardware Buttons
  • Disable/Enable Menu Key Unlock
  • New Tweaks
  • Better Battery Life
  • Noise suppression for phone calls
  • Super advanced Custom Toggle
  • Browser-Enabled Bookmarks Sync
  • No Call Ring delay ~0ms
  • Fixed Custom Toggle
  • Browser-Blue Progress Bar Thanks @tarzan11
  • Added SlimPie
  • Added Download Speeds in notification
  • Added Battery Animation while Charging
  • SlimKat Stable
  • New Dialer - Bigger Caller Photo
  • Install Non-Market Apps Enabled by Default
  • Package Verifier Disabled by Default
  • New Tweaks
  • Notification Reminder
  • Smart pull down
  • Slim recents app switcher
  • Fixed Camera v4 Thanks to @tarzan11
  • Updated ES File Explorer
  • Change density on the fly Thanks Griffin Millender
  • Option to add favorite apps in recents menu
  • Lockscreen rotation
  • Traffic meter
  • Fixed Media Scanner
    and many more...
    I probably forgot something
Complete Changelog


Thanks to @omkarsathe92

Thanks to @omkarsathe92

Thanks to @Troubadour666

Thanks to @marjune23

April 11, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM v4.2(4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: 071d68837b213fd383be50a6f696e9c5

Google Apps v4
Google Apps v4 Mirror

Please don't post any mirrors. I count the downloads

Complete NeatROM File Mirror is available here Thanks to @ApriliaM3

If you like my work, please consider a small donation to help me continue developing

My fellow Neat ROM friends and family,

To continue the same high level of development and super fast updates that you are all used to, I want to now bring Neat ROM to the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900) but I need some help in doing so.

So please help me and support my pledgie https://pledgie.com/campaigns/24832 for Samsung Galaxy S5, or with a donation towards a good cause and I will greatly appreciate it

Big Thanks to @Biftor
Slim Roms
CM Team

Beta Testers: Twinn,

If you want to send me a donation to show your appreciation for my work, Id really appreciate it!

Big THANKS to ALL DONORS! Much appreciated!

Top 100 Biggest DONORS:

@norskedroid, @electricsheepdreamer, @JeLeNa_3, @churapa, @djadja_jura, @javermejo, @amirTor, @Little jim, @daveyannihilation, @beowulf1979, @N78006, @Spannaa, @lestat1929, @Quuki, @master_droid, @Hawkeyed, @red.hat, @D4rKlar, @ZR160_MAJ, @Twinn, @Frunzdoedel, @Megaduck99, @bobdoblo, @chrcol, @mannixita, @HagenSchaefer, @DoItJust, @Many40, @maidangisme, @Titosilva, @gaosphappy, @plauto, @Sun90, @Shone1980, @IzeHappy, @komjin, @eRPeeX, @Andreas75k, @cuttingeugen, @randyphyllis, @kamedonski, @semic, @Ricardo_Is, @ponitac26, @Dejan Sathanas, @Squinty McGinty, @Pryltokig, @wiecho65, @Santic7, @Johndo4550, @ApriliaM3, @Calvo1, @Shluggity, @vipergtr, @quijote1, @cloneme, @LD 5.9, @ste22032, @gunawanrusli, @tarzan11, @tkawa, @clonski, @EasyTyler, @cdresor, @Coempi, @jackbauer2411, @spaxx24, @MangeH73, @jpnfigueiredo, @gadget069, @WarVHar, @JBW1979, @Brutos08, @Vertumus, @andyleckie, @undead_assault, @keriya, @remi82, @Trondeh, @doxol, @mr sharpey, @TroPir, @Vihru, @_alex74_, @dankeanke, @Lancez, @cdzo72, @chuby007, @Syrus01, @FrepA, @Careca_2010, @chrille1509, @Rulandas, @elishnevsky, @Rated RR, @m.terzic, @Markosmi, @malsec, @bingobingobingo, @buxz777

Big Thanks to momo.martinovic

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I strongly recommend performing a Nandroid backup before installing Rom

Installation with Full wipe:

-Download KitKat CWM Recovery and save zip to internal SDcard
-Download AOSP NeatROM and save zip to internal SDcard
-Download Google Apps and save zip to internal SDcard
-Boot into CWM or PhilZ Recovery (Volume up + Home + Power)
-DO A DATA WIPE / Clean to install a new ROM
-Go to Advance and Select Wipe dalvik cache
-Go to Mounts and storage, select Format system, Format preload
-Select Install zip from SD card
-Flash KitKat CWM Recovery
-Flash NeatROM
-Flash Google Apps (optional)
-Reboot your device

Installation without wipe (Coming from previous build):

-Download AOSP NeatROM and save zip to internal SDcard
-Download Google Apps and save zip to internal SDcard
-Boot into Recovery (Volume up + Home + Power)
-Wipe cache and dalvik cache
-Select Install zip from SD card
-Flash NeatROM
-Flash Google Apps (optional)
-Reboot your device
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First off - check out the FAQ before posting

* Use always latest version of recovery
* To get Root working go to Dev Tools/Developer options/Root access
* To activate ART go to Dev Tools/Developer options/Select runtime

Q: How to change DPI?
A: Look here

Q: My Ext SD isn't being recognised any more?
A: If your Ext SD is exFat, then format it as FAT32 don't forget to backup your data.
(For Windows users - try using Easeus Partition Manager - see here)

Q; Advanced Reboot doesn't seem to be working?
A: To activate Advanced Reboot Options go to System Settings/Security/Advanced Reboot

Q; ART doesn't seem to be working?
A: To activate ART go to Dev Tools/Developer options/Select runtime and ensure "Use Art" is selected. Don't forget to reboot!!!
If that doesn't work - then uninstall Xposed before changing to ART as Xposed doesn't work with ART. (see here)

Q: ART is not working, causing application issues I have xposed framework installed
A: Art should work fine as long as if you are not using xposed framework
Use root explorer
Navigate to system/bin
Check to see if you have 'app_process.orig'
If so delete it and try ART again

Q: What is ART - http://source.android.com/devices/tech/dalvik/art.html
A: ART stands for ‘Android RunTime’ and its job couldn’t be more important: it runs the apps on Android devices.
ART replaces ‘Dalvik’ (named after the Icelandic village where creator Dan Bornstein’s ancestors lived) which has performed this task since Android first appeared.
As you might expect Dalvik was getting very long in the tooth and it wasn’t that great in the first place. In giving it the boot users will get two significant benefits
1. More Speed
Dalvik uses the ‘Just-in-time’ (JIT) process which means it has to transform app source code into an executable program every time it starts.
Android apps have to run through a conversion each time they are started.
By contrast ART uses the ‘Ahead-of-time’ (AOT) process and this compiles (aka does the conversion) when an app is installed.
Using this method apps can launch up to twice as quickly which will have a dramatic effect on the sense of speed of your phone.
2. Better battery Life
AOT processing is making app-launch a less intensive process, so your phone doesn’t have to work as hard which increases battery life.
Using your phone you won’t see a major difference, but significant gains will come in standby as apps which run in the background will now do so more efficiently

Downsides of ART
1. It uses more storage Or to be more precise your installed apps will use more storage – roughly 10% to 20%.
This is because the pre-compiled apps which allow ART to run so quickly and efficiently have to be installed this way which makes them bigger compared to Dalvik’s on-demand method.
For those with a lot of apps installed this could take a significant chunk of your available space, they will also take a little longer to install.
2. Some apps are incompatible on Android 4.4.2, if you do find a key app that doesn’t work it is possible to switch back to Dalvik.

Q: OBackup is not working since moving on to AOSP NeatROM
A: Install SuperSU from Google Play.
Reboot phone (Good practice)
Install OBackup
Under settings configure to save backups to external storage
Set backup as TWRP
Run backup

Q: Where is superuser?
A: Superuser is nicely integrated in Settings/Advanced Options!

Q: Battery draining quickly
A: Install Better Battery Stats Google Play
XDA Thread on understanding BBS

Q: How do I remove system apps?
A:Go into Settings/SlimCenter/Slimsizer. Tick the boxes for the apps you want to remove and then click the delete icon (bin) in the bottom right corner.

Q: Have an different ROM and want to come on to AOSP NeatROM, don't want to lose apps/data
A: Install Titanium and backup apps/data - Knowledge base
Full wipe - including - Delvik and Cache
Flash ROM flash gapps
Install titanium
Restore your apps
Activate art (optional)

Q: Applications are not installing, insufficent space messages
A: se root explorer
Navigate to data/data
Find the application which you were installing (for e.g com.android.xposed)
Delete it
Install the application

To go back on a stock NeatROM:
Go to recovery
Flash Philz kernel from external SD
Reboot recovery
Wipe data/clean to install a new ROM
Flash ROM or restore your nandroid
Reboot device

Thanks to @amb80 and @TG09
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Minimal gapps
NeatRom_Aosp_Cam_v3 Thanks to @tarzan11
Neat_Aosp_Launcher3 Thanks to @tarzan11
Nexus5_Tones Thanks to @tarzan11
AOSP_AppleEmoji Thanks to @tarzan11
Customizable Mms Thanks to @MyLifeRocks10

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Framework: Fix LTE tile
Framework: SlimPie: turn on HA on highEndGfx devices
Framework: Add Landscape layout for ECA
Framework: Add support for QC's time_daemon
Framework: SystemUI: Remove broadcast from QH toggles
Settings: QuierHours service: call with qualified user and introduce controller
Settings: Fix possible illegal argument exception
Camera2: if camera HAL does not return valid picture formats do not show wrong values.
Device specific: several fixes and upstream. See attached changelog on the device download
Gapps: Complete rework of the gapps package. Update to Google Music, Google YouTube, Google PlayStore TRDS
SlimRecents fix 50ms unresponsiveness
Chamber of Secrets string edit
Chamber of Secrets add global database
Fix slow start for settigns/sound
Fix avrcp absolute volume
Do not show Home behind full screen activity
Fix Airplane mode on/off
Parallel shutdown
Great deal of fixes and optimizations for frameworks base
TWRP updated to 7.0+ (for devices with recovery in boot.zip)
Update busybox
Some updates to hardware_qcom_audio-caf
Some updates to frameworks_av


Fixed Camera v3 Thanks to @tarzan11
Updated ES File Explorer
Change density on the fly Thanks Griffin Millender
Option to add favorite apps in recents menu
Lockscreen rotation
Traffic meter
Fix SystemUI memory leak and some cleanup
Fix linnked volumes does not persist on reboot
Fix possible NPE and missing expandable panel
Fix lockscreen slider logic
Fix kill all recents fc
Check if faceunlock is disabled
Change sql to improve performance
Various small fixes for DSPManager
Dialer/UnCallUI/Telephony code cleanup
CM upstream to keymaster
Quite Hours automatic switch
Add "is starred" to quite hours
Disable keyguard widget frame
Fix pin-layout
Fix palm rejection (Galaxy Note devices)
Fix possible ANR and navigation freeze
Fix possible denial with selinux
Fix Gallery permissions for extsdcard
Massive update to frameworks av, frameworks native, system_core, audio-caf, display-caf, media-caf. for caf devices from cm
Various tweaks to jf and d2 devices
G2 lots of kernel and device changes
Upstream for smdk4412 camera driver
P51xx/P3100 fix sim-pin
Fix Xperia Z1 6902 ril problem
Mako/geeb: Update kernel to 3.4.83 && tune CPU boost
Hammerhead: small kernel fixes
d2lte: various network fixes
Update various translations
Gapps: update Google Play Services, added Google Music TRDS version, Playstore TRDS fixes, update Google+

March 27, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM v3.10 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: ec45f434921ee636350473634ad7b602

Google Apps v3.1


Updated ES File Explorer
Fixed Camera-Save video to external SD Card
Fixed Camera-Focus Mode v2 Thanks to @tarzan11
Notification Reminder
Smart pull down
Slim recents app switcher
Change density on the fly
Smart pull down to SlimActions
Notification Reminder new layout and fixes
Allow SlimRecents to be closed in the middle of animation
Fix 3rd party recents call on SlimRecents
Allow IME board alive while SlimRecents is open
Make SlimRecents multiuser compatible
Fix random fc on pinch to close all
Frameworks: go kikat + style tweaks and follow googles colour scheme
Smooth spinners
Allow virtual keys to preload recents
SlimRecents call app details correctly
PackageManager: Fix reconnection logic in installer
Massive update from upstream to caf frameworks/av & libhardware
Some Bionic optimizations for cortex-a15
Some fixes to our bluetooth repos
Browser: Various fixes
Smdk4412: updates to touchwake (kernel and device settings)
p31xx & p51xx: Bluetooth changes
Rhine: add radish blobs
Honami: Various optimization to glibc and rwsem to kernel
G2: update power profiles
G2: add usb to ipv6
Mako/Geeb: Readd sl(aou)b updates, zram optimizations, mpdecision/thermald updates and compile with linaro 4.8.
Mako/Geeb: Disable boost pulse and depend on cpu governor, set interactive as default
Update on translations
Various other fixes and optimizations

March 17, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM v3.6 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: 4f13b1e255f75c3df59b7cf454357dca

Google Apps v3


Fixed Camera-Save video to external SD Card
Fixed Camera-Focus Mode v2
Notification Reminder
Change density on the fly
Merge KVT49L
Lots of frameworks/opt updates from cm
Some qcom/wlan preparation for upcoming moto devices
Fix memory leak in Settings
Various updates for caf devices in hardware folders and frameworks av/native
Updates to hardware/ril from CM
Updates to APN list based on CM
SlimFileManager fix possible NPE
Crespo add fast charge overlay
Mako/geeb kernel few changes trying to fix random reboot
Various fixes/additions to translations

February 25, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM v3.2 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: 44f5328af270b36c5bcc32196b88f409

Google Apps v3


Fixed Camera-Save video to external SD Card
Fixed Camera-Focus Mode
SlimKat Stable
New Dialer - Bigger Caller Photo
Install Non-Market Apps Enabled by Default
Package Verifier Disabled by Default
New Tweaks
Frameworks: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger site on IME keyboard
Frameworks: SlimPie give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME is active
Frameworks: TRDS fix possible UI freeze on auto mode change
Frameworks: Respect and handle shorcut custom icon resources
Frameworks: Add support for QC's time_daemon
Frameworks: fix sdk build
Frameworks: Keyguard: Ensure that a widget and page is attached before attaching the ChallengeLayout.OnBouncerStateChangedListener
Frameworks: Revert "Make sure to turn off led after pulse()"
Bootable recovery: Load RTC offset on Qualcomm Krait chips, fixes the broken time & date
Dialer: Add WhitePages Canada reverse lookup provider
WhitePages API: Only reload page if the first load has the UUID for the cookie
Telephony: fix reverese lookup gms logic detection
General: Again a lot translation updates. Tons of new translations will follow soon (italian and german eg)
General: A lot small fixes
Device specific: Again a lot small fixes and upstream. For device specific changes see the attached changelog in the download folder of your device
Gapps: Update to latest google apps
Gapps: PlayStore and YouTube TRDS compatibility

February 18, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM v3.1 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: 2e49eee63f7fb4de01617a52688fce60

Google Apps v3


Fixed Camera-Save video to external SD Card
Fixed Camera-Focus Mode
No Call Ring delay ~0ms
Fixed Custom Toggle
Browser-Blue Progress Bar
Added Battery Animation while Charging
New Tweaks
BroadcastQueue: fix class typo of next receiver
Framworks: fix on tablets notification drawer height on custom image background
Framworks: restore navbar compatibility with several xposed modules
Framworks: Vpn: Setup routes.
Framworks: Add EdgeGesture service.
Frameworks: SlimPie
Frameworks: fix qs and notification shade toggle on expanded desktop
Frameworks: Add user protection and pie/navbar toggle to SlimActions
Framworks: Make sure to turn off led after pulse()
Frameworks: Imagehelper...do a nicer resize with better quality
Framworks: SystemUI: Slim Actions to Shortcuts
Frameworks: fix navbar and pie icons for tablets and RTL
Framworks: clean up the AOSP tablet icon mess
deskclock: internationalize repeat days layout
Camera: fix crash on screen off-on on preview screen
Camera: Disable Camera Launcher when both Front and Back sensors are not ...
Mms: Fix to return to previous activity when a sms/mms notification is selected.
MMS: Fix The slideshow can't be shown in the message
Mms: Fix the send button disappearance after selecting the forward recipient
DownloadProvider: Add Download Speeds in notification
Bionic: libc: krait: Implement optimized versions of memmove and bcopy
Devices: again a lot fixes and upstream
General: a lot small fixes for comming stable release
General: updated translation

February 11, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM Slim v2.8 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: db81383dbdf8649c0086c1450b682e34

Google Apps v2.1


Super advanced Custom Toggle
Noise suppression for phone calls
Fixed Camera-Save video to external SD Card
Fixed Camera-Focus Mode
Fixed Browser-Enabled Bookmarks Sync
No Call Ring delay ~0ms
New Tweaks
Added Battery Animation while Charging
Frameworks base: Fix Derp in Chamber of secrets
Frameworks base: Appears black screen fix for a while
Frameworks base: AssetManager cookies should be int32_t and not void*.
Frameworks base: Fix dest == src bugs in Matrix.cpp.
Frameworks base: Fixed race condition in Spinner.DialogPopup on null reference.
Frameworks base: [ActivityManager]: Fix the activity visibility state not sync between ...
Frameworks base: GpsLocationProvider: look for config file in /etc/gps.<ro.hardware.gps>.conf
Frameworks base: Framework: Super advanced Custom Toggle
Frameworks base: implement noise suppression for phone calls
Frameworks base: fb: handle for our navigation bar recentspreload in the button
Frameworks base: SystemUI: Fix missing top task in recent panel.
Frameworks base: fb: handle globalmenu in SlimActions not over Powerbutton anymore
Frameworks base: Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connections
Frameworks base: fb: unbreak recents animations on thumbnail click or dismiss recents screen
Frameworks base: fb: Handle navbar heights correct on dpi changes + more
Frameworks base: fix search textfield
Frameworks base: fix number picker blue line and highlight
Frameworks base: Fixed cancel() not working correctly
Frameworks base: Fix the issue that the top of fullscreen dialog is clipped away
Frameworks av upstreams
InCallUI: do not use reflection
Bluetooth: roll back phonebook sync changes
Bluetooth: Fix BT failed to enable issue.
Telephony: White emergency dialer
MediaProvider: Allow holders of WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE to write to secondary external storage
Mms: Fix Null pointer expection when Phone is in low memory
Mms: The draft still exists after forwarding mms to the same sender
Mms: Display message type properly for MMS and SMS
Mms: Resize the image in background
ContactsProvider: make lookupAndCacheId() synchronized
Torch: add 2nd sysfs luminosity
Settings: 'When to daydream' dialog does not follow the JB dialog design guide
Settings: Bleed keyguard widget picker list into translucent bars
Settings: Fix memory leak in ManageApplication
Exchange: Fix mismatched function arguments in Contact query
Camera2: add option to prevend autofocus cancel if preview stopped
Camera2: Add an option to maintain the focus mode when using touch-to-focus
DashClock: fix dialog blue divider
Email: trds: fix white bg on email compose for sw600dp
Browser: Implement client-side incognito mode
Browser: Show a startup page in incognito mode
Browser: blue to grey browser's progress bar
Gallery2: gallery: change typo '&&' to '||'
SlimCenter: improve navigation
Bionic: Fix problems with certain games and apps
Bionic: fix toro and toroplus problems
Several translation updates
A lot small fixes

February 5, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM Slim v2.6 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: cbf80e1c4bd74d7da8b8f7f42e79f38f

Google Apps v2.1


New Tweaks
Mass Storage option (MTP/PTP/Mass Storage)
Fixed Menu Vibration
Clear all Recents Button (moved to the top/right)
Disable/Enable Menu Key Unlock
Added support for ADB over network
Added CPU & RAM info
Frameworks base: Return: Custom Carrier Label
Frameworks base: Return: UMS support
Frameworks base: Handle backup transport registration dynamically
Frameworks base: Harden against transiently unavailable backup transports
Frameworks base: Slims Hardware Key Rebinding
Frameworks base: Speed up the navbar
Frameworks base: Make menu unlock configurable
Frameworks base: SystemUI: Pimp-up Media Tile (double tap during play)
Frameworks base: finally fix carrier lable shows on first boot sometimes
Frameworks base: use on virtual POWER_KEY own global menu handling
Frameworks base: TRDS change auto detect light conditions method
Frameworks base: Add support for ADB over network
Frameworks base: Notification : Fix app info long-press
Frameworks base: core: Added national roaming info for Jazztel Movil in Spain
Frameworks base: core: added national roaming info for Spring Mobil in Sweden...
Frameworks base: Initialize pointer members to NULL to avoid illegal reference
Frameworks base: MediaFocusControl: Deny audio focus if notification stream is 0
Frameworks base: Set Settings.Global.WIFI_SCAN_ALWAYS_AVAILABLE default value
Frameworks base: Fix error checking in MemoryFile.
Frameworks base: Fixed stylus eraser being rejected by palm rejection
Frameworks base: Fixed incorrect calculation of dirty invalidation area
Frameworks base: FLAG_PRIVILEGED disappears if privileged app is updated and rebooted
Frameworks base: Only send storage intents after boot complete
Frameworks base: Remove unused field from AssetManager.
Frameworks base: Telephony: Modify code to check that PUK code length is always 8.
Settings: fix Display settings FC on manta or devices without crt mode effect
Settings: Remove notification pulse and light for devices without LED
Settings: Add CPU & RAM info.
Bionic: Moar optimizations
dalvik/vm: Dalvik startup with a low memory footprint
Mms: reload default drawable if it changed during the instance
DashClock: Added condensed font option
DashClock: Added separator between extensions
DashClock: Added text density option
DashClock: Fixed touch feedback, broken in an earlier commit Fixed clock metrics for ...
DashClock: some TRDS adjustments
DashClock: add background color choice + add more colors for text then just ...
DashClock: add preference theme to NextAlarmSettingsActivity
DashClock: add src api paths back
DashClock: make actionbar consisten with KitKat theme and fix
DashClock: disable backgroundcolor preference if opacity = 0
DashClock: Fix menu overflow button on dslv
Updates on display-caf, audio-caf and media-caf
Updates on frameworks native
Tons of device upstream and device specific fixes (see device changelog in download area for details)
Translation updates

January 28, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM Slim v2.5 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: f4250a294c4094bb0e992073ef2e8d29


New Tweaks
Added Clear all Recents Button (Horizontal and Landscape mode)
Fully Customizable Hardware Buttons
Disabled Menu Key Unlock
Camera: Add back Samsung HDR modes
Camera: Fix possible NPE on configuration change
Gallery: Fix FC when trimming video
Browser: Fix FC
Fix force permanent menu button
Re add list animations
Exchange: prevent possible NPE
Dialer: fix missing "add to contacts" in call stats
Contacts: Fix loader reset bug
Contacts:Add support for Facebook sync
National Data roaming option
Add some more slim shortcuts and clean up for system UI
Pimp up notification labels hide
Fix crash when general settings is opened
LTE toggle support
Upstream for opt/telephony
Set unofficial for Developers and Testers (less secure, but helpful for debugging)
InCallUI: Keep in memory!
Torch: Glowpad
Re-add Advance reboot options
Hide Carrier Label option
Quick Settings: Quick Collapse
Quick Settings: Favorite Contact tile
Quick Settings: smart pulldown
Updated Gapps
Some Translations all over
Massive patches, fixes, optimizations for KeyGuard, Frameworks Base and Settings

January 23, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM Slim v2.4.1 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: f8b6045d23e0ea272c00e0dc70dbcb64

Google Apps v2


Relabel dalvik-cache and wpa_supplicant correctly
Get rid of compcache and zram
push up xxhdpi dpi to 370
Reorder FarEast APN
Fix internet APN for Life provider.
Fix Dialog Mobile Broadband MMS APN
Fixed mmsproxy for Mobinil MMS
Added APN entry for Etisalat Egypt
Fix TIM Brasil APN
Fix Giffgaff APN
Fix Telenor DK MMS APN
Add b-mobile APN
Dialer: Consistent white dialer
Dialer: trds: dialer update
In-Call: UI from blue to white
Mms: improved mms bubbles
Native: Update HWUI config for xxhdpi/2GB devices
Settings: recover last location state during on/off switch
Settings: Apn settings fixes / code maintainence (1/2)
Settings: Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
Settings: Always show band 0
Settings: fix exception in BatterySipper.getQuickNameIconForUid
Settings: Dont show "Erase SD Card" when there is none
Settings: Address adb backup/restore denials.
Settings: Fix elapsed time formatting.
Settings: reorder app security to top
Settings: Bluetooth: Set alias name only through Rename option
Settings: Bluetooth: Don't set a null alias before unpairing
Settings: Fix null pointer exceptions in NetworkPolicyEditor
Nfc: Fix NPE in RegisteredAidCache
Camera2: notify the gallery that camera storage path was changed
Camera2: add ability to call needAutoFocusCall when using continuous picture
Camera2: fix power key shutter default behaviour
Camera2: move back out as privileged app
Gallery2: Storage configuration options gallery side (2/2)
Gallery2: Fix invalid private access.
Gallery2: jni: fix C99 inline linking
Art: Fix NewLocalRef, NewGlobalRef to handle cleared weak globals.
DownloadProvider: DownloadProvider: don't allow backups.
DashClock: Fix plurals on gmail and calendar selection
Browser: Remove Incognito mode from quick controls since it no longer exists in the ...
Bluetooth: Fix bluetooth phonebook sync problems on some car kits
DeskClock: Provide compatibility to existing AlarmClock shortcuts.
DeskClock: trds: fixed bottom bar color
Torch: move back out as privileged app
System core: healtd: Send messages to Android log, not the kernel log
Frameworks: services: don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects.
Frameworks: fix remaining blue dialog dividers
Frameworks: Sleep Screen Shortcut
Frameworks: QS: let's welcome LocationTile to 4.4
Frameworks: SystemUI: Add LongClick SwitchButton (1/2)
Frameworks: trds: consistent glow for menu dropdown and popup
Frameworks: privacyguard: Share privacy package name between activity stacks
Frameworks: Check for homeAsUp status when collapse actionbar widget
Frameworks: fix possible NPE on power key handling
Frameworks: Revert "Fix a bootloop problem when /data/system/usagestats/usage-history.xml...
Frameworks: Fix broken XML parsing idiom.
Frameworks: XmlUtils#readThisMapXml should handle null keys.
Frameworks: Fix appwidgets not updating
Frameworks: Fix blacklist support
Frameworks: Prevent nullPointerException by updateBondedBluetoothDevices
Frameworks: NPE in SearchManager.triggerSearch
Frameworks: Swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees
Frameworks: Show confirmation for deleted screenshot.
Frameworks: Add same named operator configuration for some operators
Frameworks: Fix a variety of small publicly-reported bugs.
Frameworks: Prevent MediaScanner infinite loop with invalid path
Frameworks: Memory leak: parseObbFile.footer
Frameworks: fix possible buffer overrun and memory leak
Frameworks: CompoundButton: Let text can be changed by config
Frameworks: Re-initialize error after attach
Frameworks: WifiState: Don't aquire transitionwakelock in airplane mode
Frameworks: Revert "Fix for Concurrency issue reported in 525529"
Frameworks: Use highp precision for scaled coordination
Frameworks: NetworkPolicy: Validate policy templates before updating
Frameworks: Clear the scan list when an empty list is received
Frameworks: wlan: Error handling on PNO failure due to active P2P session.
Frameworks: Close sockets on wpa_supplicant termination.
Frameworks: add app launch timeline instrumentation
Frameworks: wlan: Fix for delay in PNO scan trigger after p2p disconnect.
Frameworks: get proper obb mountpoint based on user handle
Frameworks: Framework: Minimum Vibration Duration (1/2)
Frameworks: StatusBarWindow: Fix collapse using Back button
Frameworks: Keyguard: smooth background change derp fixes
Frameworks: Revert "SystemUI: update internal state right after hiding transient bars."
Frameworks: PhoneStatusBar: fix massive surface redraws due to animation race
Frameworks: UsbDebuggingManager: Fix multiple NPEs toggling USB debugging
Frameworks: Don't rely on gcc extensions
Frameworks: Fix memory leak in PatchCache
Frameworks: Add explicit close of Scanner input
Frameworks: fix multiuser bug in vibrator service
Frameworks: add config.xml option to permanently force permanent menu key
Frameworks: SystemUI: add permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE.
Frameworks: Add Long-Click to Preference Tile
Frameworks: Custom Tiles
Frameworks: QS: no need to rebuild the complete QS on orientation change
Frameworks: SystemUI: Always show translucent decor on recents panel
Frameworks: make QS again rtl aware
Frameworks: QS: fix wrong measurement on 4 or 5 tiles per row on settings panelview
Frameworks: Fix fatal exception due to missing looper for current thread.
Frameworks: Cursor leakage due to cancellation signal
Frameworks: Fix visibility of multiple non-fullscreen activities.
Frameworks: Fix a JNI local reference leak in MediaDrm
Frameworks telephony: do only run setCellInfoListRate for RIL version >= 8 old ...
Frameworks telephony: Fix typo
Frameworks datetimepicker: trds: darker time picker
Build: qcom_utils: Update list of QCOM_BOARD_PLATFORMS
Build: Fix cflags for QC targets
Bionic: libc: Unbreak build for scorpion
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer: Remove non intrusive incall ui
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer: Add Incoming Call in Background
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer: Flip to Mute/Reject Call
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer:add decline and answer incoming call action on notifications
Frameworks AV: tons of upstream in caf branch for caf based devices
And as usual lots of device fixes, upstreams and ehancements on device and kernel level

January 14, 2014
I9100 AOSP NeatROM Slim v2.3 (4.4.2) Thanks to @Quuki
MD5 Sum: 4719203e4a6aa8b70b089a796988fd0a

Google Apps

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Thanks mate!
Downloading now!
And first!

Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII M250S(Korean variant), running GT-I9100 firmware.
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Nice work fella, downloading now and will give it a try soon. Will report back.
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100
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Kernel: Team Win Recovery Project v2.7.0.0
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