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why dont you ppl like touchwiz? touchwiz is amazing

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i think tw is good. the features are just amazing. this is my first time to use a samsung android phone (former lg user) and i find tw really functional compared to my past phone's ui. i just don't like the look... there's a lot of launchers out there anyway. and about aosp, i just think it's too plain for casual users, like... me... hehehe!

btw, happy new year, guys!
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Because I can't resize all widgets, have 6x6 home and lock screen, customize animations and change themes and icons. I also can't hide the dock or the status bar.

ADW is better IMHO.

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Originally Posted by DannyDrama View Post
Because I can't resize all widgets, have 6x6 home and lock screen, customize animations and change themes and icons. I also can't hide the dock or the status bar.

ADW is better IMHO.

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TouchWiz is not a launcher!
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It's not TW that's bad, it's TWlauncher that sucks ;)

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Originally Posted by soraxd View Post
how can so many of you not like touchwiz, lemme correct that *HATE touchwiz... i realize its the hip thing to do, to hate touchwiz, and you somehow think it makes you look pro.. but touchwiz rocks.. most of you havent even seen what the alternative is, you just hate it cause everyone else does.

do you realize losing touchwiz loses:

*built in screen capture by pressing home+lock
not bad, but it's built into ICS as well
*task manager built into long press
but number of recent apps down to 6, very annoying; besides, task manager is really not necessary for a powerful phone like S2, I always have around 500mb free ram sitting around. I rarely use task manager to kill background apps.
*swipe left/right to call/text in contacts/dialer/texts
ya, it may be handy sometimes, but no threaded call logs, and call logs are mixed with sms logs.
*toggles in drop down menu
CM ROM can do even better, such as 2G/3G/2G&3G modes toggle
*amazing UI in camera/file manager/ music player
indeed amazing camera UI, but file manger & music player are so so. There are better and free alternatives. The camera app is the only thing I will miss about TW.
*ability to adjust display options, beyond what stock roms are capable of
can be installed separately anyway
* ability to adjust brightness by moving dropbar back and forth
I find brightness level widget easier to use.
* the option to use the actual touchwiz launcher
What's so good about TW Launcher anyway?
* Divx, Xvid, and .avi support out of the box, as well as other formats supported only by samsung
Agree. Samsung does have the best codec support of all, but it's not like there is no alternatives available.
its not like having a stock rom gives you anything in place of these.. if you dont like the touchwiz launcher, you can install another one, i cant see why ppl are soo determined to get rid of it, and have nothing in its place. would you really rather have no options, in place of where you DID have options?
Having a stock rom I can get almost everything that TW provides by installing 3rd party apps; on the other hand, on a stock TW rom, I'm stuck with no video calling in GTalk, no green icon indicating Google service status, only 6 recent apps and a bunch of Samsung bloatwares.
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Touchwiz is ugly..

iphoney SMS
launcher icons
Pull down toggle icons
Music player
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Touchwiz would be the best launcher if it had the following

1.multi dpi scaling.
2.proper resize support.
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I tried out CM9 yesterday and the only thing I miss from tw is the browser.. smoother IMO, even compared to the videos of the galaxy nexus..

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Happy new year!

I don't hate TouchWiz but I just felt it is too 'stock' feeling. Just love to modify so TouchWiz isn't my main choice...

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I like touchwiz. Its the only UI where the launcher runs perfectly smooth even using a heavy live wallpaper. I believe that they use the cartoony colors to show off the Super Amoled screen as well. The only thing that will make me flash a non touchwiz ROM is Stock ICS, cuz im not using the visually unpolished abomination that AOSP Gingerbread is. MIUI is sorta buggy for us so its out imo

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