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Forgot to post in the main thread @marjune23, as posted in NeatROM XWMS3 thread

Surely yes... Big thanks to dual boot master @Troubadour666 and @niko60 for his modified stock NeatROM for dual boot
... So far, I'm very much satisfied with AOSP NeatRom and will eventually stick to it without dual boot later.... But really liked customisations in the STweaks for dorimanx and it has Slide2Wake function to which I'm fan of... So I'll stay with dorimanx too... Am not in mood to reformat my SD so far.... Will let it be and make use of internal as instead for stock ROM.... THANKS ALL 😂🙋
All of you guys are great....
Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) 16 GB Black
Dual Boot AOSP NeatROM v6.4.1 & Samsung NeatROM v6.3 on Dorimanx 8.43 v76