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[OFF TOPIC] Problems with SGS2 Forums

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Talking [OFF TOPIC] Problems with SGS2 Forums

The SGS2 Development forums are being ruined!!!!

Its meant to be a forum where the great devs post their roms, but users are ruining it with posts, posts about
'how do I flash this kernal' or 'how do i flash this rom? what order do I flash it? how do I add a mod? this doesnt work?!!

thats not really nothing to do with Development of Roms, its laziness of not reading the General or Q and A forum! each of the two forums I have mention have a very in depth guide how to flash a kernal, flash a rom, flash anything!!! Also on the first page of EVERY rom is a guide on whats included/not included

this place is not a playschool, you shouldnt need your hands holding flashing anything to your phone, thats what search is for!!! you spent money on the phone......LEARN!!!!!

MODS..... You need to sort out the dev forum, it makes horrible reading the amount of off-topic posts (not telling you how to do your jobs, as you do your jobs very well!)

who agrees with me? look, my wife is not technology minded at all, but reading all the posts, she managed to install a kernal, installed a custom rom, root and install a couple mods.....surely my wife (bless her) doesnt know phones at all, managed to do that, surely any/every user can do the same, General forum (STICKY POSTS) and Q & A forum, or use Google!!!!!

Another Thing....People expect EVERYTHING to work perfectly as soon as a new version of OS comes out, users were DEMANDING everything works on kitkat within days of first version coming out....give devs a break

Lastly a 'Well Done' to the Devs, who are still creating roms and mods for this nearly 3 year old phone, you deserve a bloody medal all of you the amount of stuff you have to put up with!!!

...and Breathe........

this post is in no way directed at one or two of you, its directed to the people who demand, and basically want everything done for them and handed to them on a plate.
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I could say more, but I'm pretty much over the stage of lazy, demanding n00bs (and some not so n00bs who should know better) giving me the ****s. I learned it's just not worth getting worked up about, because nothing will ever be done about it. I figure if TPTB don't care, why should I ? 'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, etc, etc'

But you've absolutely nailed it (5 starred & OP thanked).
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If you don't know how to recover if things go wrong, what are you doing flashing custom roms ?
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Agree with MistahBungle here, well written and 100% true.

I am a keen follower of the ROM NeatROM and you wont believe the amount of off-topic crap that appears there everyday.
I mean, i have seen some problems posted in this thread that remotely has nothing to do with Neatrom or any other ROM for that matter. Some guys have even starting to talk and discuss about whether they should flash .pit files or not.. <-- That has absolutely nothing to do with neatrom or any rom actually.
To make even matters worse.. everyday you just keep seeing the same question/issue posted, the posters dont even have the decency to search! Even with the custom search bar that searches only in the specific threads!

I feel bad for the NeatROM seniors that repeatedly have to answer the same question.. and be completely ignored when trying to control the chaos that is the NeatROM thread.

The sad truth of this is that no one who actually needs to read this will read it, and the same crappy cycle of ignorance will continue on until the Galaxy S2 forum bit by bit will die slowly and painfully.
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