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[SC-02C] Japan NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S II Users

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By evildave_666, Senior Member on 16th June 2011, 07:23 AM
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NTT DoCoMo SC-02C FAQ in progress, coming soon...

Q: What is the difference between the SC-02C and other Galaxy S II models?
A: The FM radio on the "international I9100" is missing, and in its place is an ISDB-T digital TV receiver. (Similar to but using a different broadcast protocol as the DMB receivers in the korean M250 models) The SC-02C does not have NFC capabilities, like all models except the M250.

Q: How can I unlock the SC-02C?
A: The unlock used for other early Galaxy S II models will not work on the SC-02C. You can have the handset unlocked at your nearest DoCoMo shop for 3150 yen (tax-inclusive). This does not supposed to affect your monthly billing.

Q: Where can I find original SC-02C firmware if I need to return the handset for service?
A: There is not an official version of the OMKF2 firmware that the earliest released handsets came with, however you may obtain a copy of the first update, OMKG5, here.

Q: What is the current version firmware?
A: The final firmware version is OMMP7 (Android 4.0.3)

Q: What's the deal with tethering?
A: If you use tethering (i.e. mobile access point) you may find your monthly pakehodai charge has increased to 10,395 yen/mo. Its suspected that turning the built-in tether feature switches you invisibly to a different APN which generates an increase on the bill.

Q: How do I activate the Palette UI that Docomo is advertising?
A: Use the 'Home Switcher' application or clear the defaults for 'TwLauncher' in Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.

Q: Can I use I9100 images (and custom ones) on the SC-02C (or vice-versa)?
A: To an extent yes, there are a couple issues:
1. The kernel/baseband must be for SC-02C or else you will lose GPS/One-Seg functionality. (You can generally flash these back after installing a custom image)
2. The SC-02C has a different partition layout, FACTORYFS is 100MB larger than I9100 and HIDDEN is 100MB smaller. The disk usage on the current OMxxx images does not exceed the size of the I9100 partition, however it is VERY close and the SC-02C's partition table was likely laid out different to allow for additional growth.
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23rd June 2011, 08:25 AM |#2  
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Got it now, factory standard firmware is:

Phone: SC02COMKF2

(Yes, those SC02C prefixes ARE correct, not GTI9100)

I'll see if I can extract original firmware from Kies tonight when I get home.

DoCoMo is bundling a 1GB microSD, and selling the charger seperately (I have 3 other micro-usb-charging phones so no big deal).

Oh, and I think the Palette stuff must have been removed at the last minute, I can't find any trace of it.
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23rd June 2011, 11:40 AM |#3  
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Kies firmware info:
ProductCode - SGH-N033LKNDCM

Yes, these ARE different than the usual format, I know.

They ARE correct though, direct cut & paste out of my Kies registry keys.

(DCM obviously DoCoMo and SC-02C is the japanese-market name for the handset, Galaxy S was SC-02B)
23rd June 2011, 01:10 PM |#4  
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The Palette UI is something you have to download from the market.

I'm picking mine up on Sunday
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23rd June 2011, 06:10 PM |#5  
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Actually its NOT. I later found out how to activate it (there's an app called "home switcher" or something which lets you toggle back and forth between Palette and TW4). Its just as nasty as the promo videos make it out to be.

On other fronts, I rooted today. There don't appear to be any firmware images available on kies for the SC-02C so I had to take a leap of faith and try to root without a backup kernel to go back to. did work though. CF-Root kernel seems to lack support for the one-seg TV though.

The big downer - the nv_data.bin hashes for unlock keys are using a non-zero salt, which means an unlock will be hard to come by without foregoing handset subsidies.

I guess I keep my Galaxy Ace for use on overseas trips for the time being.
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23rd June 2011, 10:10 PM |#6  
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If I get the docomo SGS II can I put whatever ROMs on the phone that are available for vanilla USA SGS II?

The whole reason I have a vibrant here in Japan, instead of the docomo SGS, is because there are no ROMs available for the docomo phone (that I know of).

Please advise. I might go get one this week...
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23rd June 2011, 10:50 PM |#7  
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I'm so happy. DoCoMo called at 1845 to tell me I could pick up my SC-02c. Of-course by the time I got to the shop they were closed so I'm going to have to burn half a days leave today and try to beat the crowd. It was a surprise because when I pre-ordered they told me all of the first order were already sold so I guess they either got a bigger shipment than expected or there were some cancellations. I'm guessing that since CF-Root worked we will probably get a crack at some custom ROM's unlike the SC-02b.
24th June 2011, 03:14 AM |#8  
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Its probably obvious but I'd be very wary about flashing the baseband image on an SC-02C in Odin since DoCoMo are obviously doing something different in there as evidenced by the differences in unlock. CSC/PDA will probably be OK though.
24th June 2011, 07:36 AM |#9  
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CF-Root-SGS2_XW_ODD_KE8-v4.0-CWM4.tar got my SC-02C rooted.

Haven't messed with ROMs yet. Haven't even had the phone for 2 hours. hahahaha
24th June 2011, 09:26 AM |#10  
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Hi, i also root my S2 and now i cannot use the mobile tv application (oneseg).
It's my first android so i thought i did something wrong. seems i'm not alone ^^;
hope a CF rom will be available soon.
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