Default Bootloop, recovery works, stock recovery, odin problems

I came across an unique problem on my mother's S2, (i9100) when i was going to get omnirom for it, everything worked until i tried to flash a recovery with odin, it can't flash ANYTHING that puts a recovery in, but it can flash all other stuff, i also noticed the stock recovery can flash zips like others (cwm, twrp) but fails on a md5 verification, i tried flashing philz CWM but it says, not on these words "this recovery is for i9100, i9100G, i9100T, you have " " " (it says i have nothing, it says i got a space, " "), but goes all the way through the verification when i try omnirom, but fails on a md5, thing is if i could just make some recovery work, or even install omnirom with this recovery, it would be perfect

Any thoughts?