Question [Q] Chromecast Kitkat S2

Hi chaps/chapesses

Quick question that someone can hopefully help answer..

Chromecast screen mirroring on my S2. I currently have Jellysnap rom on it due to the fact that the utter! app doesn't work properly with my Bluetooth car adaptor (Avantalk) when using Cyanogenmod 11 Kitkat (I really like it because of its offline capabilities as I am on PAYG with no mobile data) .

I was just wondering if anyone has had any success screen mirroring their S2 to their Chromecast with any kitkat rom. I don't really want to start over again installing kitkat if at the end of it, the screen mirroring doesn't work so I was just wondering if anyone out there in xda land had already tried it?

Ive searched the forums and cant see this question relating to the S2 with a kitkat rom but can see others have asked the same about other devices...
If no one has tried it, I might just bite the bullet and report back on any success/failure...