Red face Fixing Google Account Database? Gmail driving me crazy

Hi guys

Over the past two weeks my gmail app 4.5.2 would stop loading new msgs and showing no connection.

After a bit of trial and error i found out that is not gmail app since new release didnt fix it.

Instead if i delete my google account from my sgs2 then add it back it works. Though it seems to work for say 4 days or so the it will get stuck again.. i already did it 3 times.

So my question is.. is it the phone database? How do i fix it? From my google account it shows 'full access' so is ok in fact i thought permissions might be off?

When i add it back onto the phone it says i need to login from the web first. I do it, works then after approx 4 days its broken again...

Any help appreciated is driving me crazy..