Default My phone won't boot after flashing CWM

I wanted to root my i9100, so after a quick google search I came up with this file: http ://downloadandroidrom. com/file/GalaxyS2/recovery/CWM-KitKatCompatible-i9100.tar

I booted my phone into download mode, and installed the tar via odin. I ticked PDA and pressed "start", everything was fine.

When it finished, I tried to boot my phone but it just won't boot. It's stuck on the Galaxy SII logo with the yellow triangle, and after a few seconds the screen just goes completely black. The phone is on, I can tell because when I plug it in my PC does the USB sound, and automatically installs driver, but there's nothing on the screen.

I can't boot into download or recovery mode either, my phone is basically dead.

Is there any way to get it running?