Question Heimdall refuses to work. Possible to flash recovery in any other way?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install CM on a stock, untouched Galaxy S II phone. But first, I need to install a new recovery. It cannot be done, though. I've done everything right, read everything a hundred times, and I know what I'm doing. And yet, it won't work. This is what happens:

Initialising protocol...
libusbx: error [windows_transfer_callback] detected I/O error 87: [87] The param
eter is incorrect.
ERROR: Failed to send data: "ODIN"
Releasing device interface...

I've tried everything, and nobody else on the planet has the same issue as me.

So I am thinking, screw Heimdall... there's got to be another way to do this. There is, right? Please tell me that there's another way.

Thanks a lot for reading, guys. I mean it.