[Q] i9100 running hot and losing battery fast

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By TheCrusader1985, Junior Member on 31st July 2014, 07:54 PM
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Hi people!

My Galaxy S2 i9100 is turning 3 years old soon and today it started something pretty strange.

The device gets extremely hot (not the battery though) and runs from 100% charge to 0% in only 3 hours !
When checking on the CPU the clockspeed never drops below 800MHz and most of the time it stays at 1200MHz.
BetterBatteryStats says that some Alarm-Wakelock is causing the issue.

I tried making a dumpfile, i've read that in some old post that i actually didn't want to resurrect, but here's the link:

Here's my dump file ...

Originally Posted by Dump file

Current Alarm Manager state:
nowRTC=1406832463384=2014-07-31 20:47:43 nowELAPSED=928788
Next alarm: 945405 = 2014-07-31 20:48:00
Next wakeup: 1071725 = 2014-07-31 20:50:06

Pending alarm batches: 22
Batch{65587ee8 num=1 start=945405 end=945405 STANDALONE}:
ELAPSED #0: Alarm{6557fa48 type 3 android}
type=3 whenElapsed=945405 when=+16s617ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64fbbc10: PendingIntentRecord{651a7490 android broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65566750 num=2 start=1071725 end=1152273}:
RTC #1: Alarm{65550268 type 1 com.touchtype.swiftkey}
type=1 whenElapsed=1051997 when=+2m3s208ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64d9fc70: PendingIntentRecord{654c4838 com.touchtype.swiftkey broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{65568868 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1071725 when=+2m22s937ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65799428: PendingIntentRecord{6555a6b0 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{6567d698 num=1 start=1197530 end=1406957}:
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{6557f9f8 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1197530 when=+4m28s742ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{656ac750: PendingIntentRecord{654bf410 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{655667b8 num=1 start=1646409 end=1646409}:
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{655502b8 type 2 android}
type=2 whenElapsed=1646409 when=+11m57s621ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{652c74b8: PendingIntentRecord{652399b8 android broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65528720 num=1 start=1666405 end=1666405}:
RTC #0: Alarm{6551a150 type 1}
type=1 whenElapsed=1666405 when=+12m17s616ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{654a5c00: PendingIntentRecord{655272c0 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{655191f0 num=3 start=2325249 end=2325249}:
RTC #2: Alarm{654a7020 type 1 android}
type=1 whenElapsed=2325249 when=+23m16s460ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64cb7108: PendingIntentRecord{651e9b90 android broadcastIntent}}
RTC #1: Alarm{651bbb78 type 1}
type=1 whenElapsed=1912669 when=+16m23s880ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{654345e0: PendingIntentRecord{65619d50 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED #0: Alarm{655191a0 type 3 android}
type=3 whenElapsed=1830301 when=+15m1s513ms window=-1 repeatInterval=1800000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{653e8b30: PendingIntentRecord{6547a518 android broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65519218 num=9 start=3812342 end=3916492}:
RTC_WAKEUP #8: Alarm{65371270 type 0 android}
type=0 whenElapsed=3812342 when=+48m3s554ms window=-1 repeatInterval=3854392 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64f61f98: PendingIntentRecord{6536de20 android broadcastIntent}}
RTC_WAKEUP #7: Alarm{65371220 type 0 com.cyanogenmod.lockclock}
type=0 whenElapsed=3690189 when=+46m1s401ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65535a60: PendingIntentRecord{65314b38 com.cyanogenmod.lockclock startService}}
RTC_WAKEUP #6: Alarm{653d1768 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=3647349 when=+45m18s561ms window=-1 repeatInterval=3600000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65508a40: PendingIntentRecord{65433bc0 startService}}
RTC_WAKEUP #5: Alarm{653d1718 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=2566492 when=+27m17s704ms window=-1 repeatInterval=1800000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6574dfa8: PendingIntentRecord{65645c80 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #4: Alarm{65415a10 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=3732412 when=+46m43s624ms window=-1 repeatInterval=3600000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64e329a8: PendingIntentRecord{65378590 startService}}
ELAPSED #3: Alarm{654159c0 type 3}
type=3 whenElapsed=3697701 when=+46m8s913ms window=0 repeatInterval=3600000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{651879a8: PendingIntentRecord{654a63c8 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #2: Alarm{65418080 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=3693676 when=+46m4s888ms window=-1 repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65555080: PendingIntentRecord{6560f4d8 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{65418030 type 2 android}
type=2 whenElapsed=3682914 when=+45m54s126ms window=-1 repeatInterval=3600000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{655d6d18: PendingIntentRecord{653c0ec0 android broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{654a7070 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=3670751 when=+45m41s963ms window=-1 repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6551a100: PendingIntentRecord{6551a080 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{654a72e8 num=1 start=7259556 end=12015501}:
RTC_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{654a7298 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=7259556 when=+1h45m30s768ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64cb4038: PendingIntentRecord{65639a98 startService}}
Batch{65215f58 num=2 start=12465404 end=12465404}:
RTC_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{65215f08 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=12465404 when=+3h12m16s616ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6564e630: PendingIntentRecord{65202e28 broadcastIntent}}
RTC #0: Alarm{65213b50 type 1}
type=1 whenElapsed=12465404 when=+3h12m16s616ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64c2d198: PendingIntentRecord{655041a0 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{651c4790 num=2 start=21222666 end=21222666}:
RTC_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{651bc820 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=12794185 when=+3h17m45s396ms window=-1 repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{655731d0: PendingIntentRecord{6559b428 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{651c4740 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=21222666 when=+5h38m13s878ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65718198: PendingIntentRecord{65609a68 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{6518b778 num=3 start=41507926 end=41507926}:
RTC #2: Alarm{65173ed8 type 1 com.touchtype.swiftkey}
type=1 whenElapsed=37305791 when=+10h6m17s2ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64d7b1f8: PendingIntentRecord{654cb8b0 com.touchtype.swiftkey broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{65183410 type 2 android}
type=2 whenElapsed=41507926 when=+11h16m19s138ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65342460: PendingIntentRecord{654c4f80 android broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED #0: Alarm{6518b728 type 3}
type=3 whenElapsed=28833089 when=+7h45m4s301ms window=-1 repeatInterval=28800000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64d19788: PendingIntentRecord{65552930 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65518fd8 num=1 start=55665405 end=55665405 STANDALONE}:
RTC #0: Alarm{65173f28 type 1 android}
type=1 whenElapsed=55665405 when=+15h12m16s616ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64fa8f60: PendingIntentRecord{651ac830 android broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65218f00 num=5 start=70484978 end=75682972}:
RTC_WAKEUP #4: Alarm{65687eb8 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=70484978 when=+19h19m16s190ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6552aa30: PendingIntentRecord{655c2b40 broadcastIntent}}
RTC_WAKEUP #3: Alarm{655d2f98 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=61309180 when=+16h46m20s392ms window=-1 repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65722ca0: PendingIntentRecord{655cca18 broadcastIntent}}
RTC_WAKEUP #2: Alarm{655d2f48 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=46060734 when=+12h32m11s946ms window=-1 repeatInterval=82850402 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{654f44c8: PendingIntentRecord{65545958 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{6557ef98 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=53995270 when=+14h44m26s482ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6533ac38: PendingIntentRecord{654b95d0 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{65218eb0 type 2 android}
type=2 whenElapsed=43282972 when=+11h45m54s184ms window=-1 repeatInterval=43200000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65643e78: PendingIntentRecord{6514c960 android broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65218f28 num=1 start=79362411 end=79362411}:
RTC_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{65687f08 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=79362411 when=+21h47m13s623ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6557e548: PendingIntentRecord{65501b70 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{6570aa00 num=1 start=82262110 end=82262110}:
RTC_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{6570a9b0 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=82262110 when=+22h35m33s321ms window=0 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6550cd28: PendingIntentRecord{65502db8 startService}}
Batch{6563a1e8 num=2 start=86493720 end=150675288}:
RTC #1: Alarm{657b6a98 type 1}
type=1 whenElapsed=86493720 when=+23h46m4s931ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65507a18: PendingIntentRecord{655682b8 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED #0: Alarm{6563a198 type 3 com.cyanogenmod.account}
type=3 whenElapsed=86454527 when=+23h45m25s739ms window=-1 repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{654be3f0: PendingIntentRecord{653ce588 com.cyanogenmod.account startService}}
Batch{656a2540 num=3 start=259270781 end=314632797}:
RTC #2: Alarm{655c71a0 type 1}
type=1 whenElapsed=225513539 when=+2d14h23m4s751ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{651acd58: PendingIntentRecord{656082e8 broadcastIntent}}
RTC_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{65631810 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=180183725 when=+2d1h47m34s936ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65173510: PendingIntentRecord{6559e1e0 broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{656a24f0 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=259270781 when=+2d23h45m41s993ms window=-1 repeatInterval=259200000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64b10528: PendingIntentRecord{6520e510 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{65443938 num=4 start=490469493 end=510006654}:
RTC #3: Alarm{6572d780 type 1 com.touchtype.swiftkey}
type=1 whenElapsed=490469493 when=+5d15h59m0s704ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64d9fa68: PendingIntentRecord{654c4320 com.touchtype.swiftkey broadcastIntent}}
RTC #2: Alarm{6554cf20 type 1 com.touchtype.swiftkey}
type=1 whenElapsed=490464500 when=+5d15h58m55s711ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64da1c60: PendingIntentRecord{654461a8 com.touchtype.swiftkey broadcastIntent}}
RTC #1: Alarm{6554ced0 type 1 com.touchtype.swiftkey}
type=1 whenElapsed=490464496 when=+5d15h58m55s708ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64da0d80: PendingIntentRecord{65445e20 com.touchtype.swiftkey broadcastIntent}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{655c71f0 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=477606654 when=+5d12h24m37s866ms window=-1 repeatInterval=43200000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6517dd18: PendingIntentRecord{65543ba0 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{653d9360 num=2 start=590206568 end=590206568}:
RTC_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{6564ab50 type 0 com.cyanogenmod.updater}
type=0 whenElapsed=590206568 when=+6d19h41m17s779ms window=0 repeatInterval=604800000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65431e98: PendingIntentRecord{652d4d28 com.cyanogenmod.updater startService}}
RTC_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{6572d7d0 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=568928144 when=+6d13h46m39s355ms window=-1 repeatInterval=568802000 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{656abd78: PendingIntentRecord{65519f38 broadcastIntent}}
Batch{653d93c8 num=2 start=864133636 end=1057812106}:
RTC_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{654bf860 type 0}
type=0 whenElapsed=604857616 when=+6d23h45m28s828ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64bd5418: PendingIntentRecord{650e7e48 startService}}
ELAPSED #0: Alarm{6564aba0 type 3 android}
type=3 whenElapsed=864133636 when=+9d23h46m44s848ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{64df0288: PendingIntentRecord{65395c10 android broadcastIntent}}
Batch{6577d628 num=6 start=1828122235 end=3197312107}:
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #5: Alarm{657026b8 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1828122235 when=+21d3h33m13s447ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65521a58: PendingIntentRecord{6562ac28 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #4: Alarm{65702668 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1827430825 when=+21d3h21m42s37ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6564e640: PendingIntentRecord{6550a0f8 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #3: Alarm{656413d0 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1827430577 when=+21d3h21m41s789ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65383bf0: PendingIntentRecord{65526ea0 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #2: Alarm{65641380 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1827430565 when=+21d3h21m41s777ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{65188670: PendingIntentRecord{6552edc8 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #1: Alarm{6557e488 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1827430004 when=+21d3h21m41s216ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{654011e8: PendingIntentRecord{6563b718 startService}}
ELAPSED_WAKEUP #0: Alarm{654bf8b0 type 2}
type=2 whenElapsed=1827429045 when=+21d3h21m40s257ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6564e650: PendingIntentRecord{6564db38 startService}}
Batch{655c4088 num=1 start=1407001800996 end=2462252463021}:
ELAPSED #0: Alarm{655c4038 type 3 de.stocard.stocard}
type=3 whenElapsed=1407001800996 when=+999d23h59m59s999ms window=-1 repeatInterval=0 count=0
operation=PendingIntent{6544e8d8: PendingIntentRecord{6544e2b8 de.stocard.stocard broadcastIntent}}

Broadcast ref count: 2

Top Alarms:
*ACTIVE* +14m55s377ms running, 0 wakeups, 214744 alarms:
+58s238ms running, 0 wakeups, 3 alarms:
cmp={ armReceiver}
+46s118ms running, 0 wakeups, 1 alarms: android
+38s895ms running, 7 wakeups, 7 alarms: R
+31s661ms running, 2 wakeups, 2 alarms: Provider2
+23s801ms running, 1 wakeups, 1 alarms: GISTRATION
+22s901ms running, 1 wakeups, 1 alarms: ION
+9s982ms running, 1 wakeups, 1 alarms: android _SAMPLE_INTERVAL_ELAPSED
+8s959ms running, 0 wakeups, 2 alarms:
+1s5ms running, 0 wakeups, 15 alarms: android

Alarm Stats: +25ms running, 2 wakeups:
+25ms 2 wakes 2 alarms: nager.DELAYED_KEYGUARD +22ms running, 1 wakeups:
+22ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={ $MediaTrackerIntentService} +7ms running, 2 wakeups:
+5ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={ ice}
+2ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={} +24s931ms running, 2 wakeups:
+23s801ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: GISTRATION
+22s901ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: ION
android +56s955ms running, 4 wakeups:
+46s118ms 0 wakes 1 alarms:
+9s982ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: _SAMPLE_INTERVAL_ELAPSED
+1s5ms 0 wakes 15 alarms: act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK
+11ms 3 wakes 3 alarms: act=android.content.syncmanager.SYNC_ALARM
com.touchtype.swiftkey +4ms running, 0 wakeups:
+4ms 0 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={com.touchtype.swiftkey/com.touchtype.ReferrerRegistrationService}
*ACTIVE* +14m55s377ms running, 0 wakeups:
*ACTIVE* +14m55s377ms 0 wakes 214744 alarms: act=com.cyanogenmod.util.action_quiet_hours +31s661ms running, 2 wakeups:
+31s661ms 2 wakes 2 alarms: Provider2
com.cyanogenmod.lockclock +1ms running, 1 wakeups:
+1ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: act=com.cyanogenmod.lockclock.action.FORCE_WEATHER _UPDATE cmp={com.cyanogenmod.lockclock/ vice} +8s959ms running, 0 wakeups:
+8s959ms 0 wakes 2 alarms: cmp={} +125ms running, 0 wakeups:
+125ms 0 wakes 1 alarms: +58s594ms running, 12 wakeups:
+58s238ms 0 wakes 3 alarms: cmp={ armReceiver}
+38s895ms 7 wakes 7 alarms: R
+21ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={$Rece iver}
+9ms 2 wakes 2 alarms:
+7ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={$Rec eiver}
+7ms 1 wakes 1 alarms: cmp={} +3ms running, 1 wakeups:
+3ms 1 wakes 1 alarms:

I'm running CM11 M8 and have set the runtime to ART, so far everything has worked just fine, but - as i said - since today it is terrible ^^

I hope that somebody can help me!
If you need further information please ask right away, i'll check in on that topic quite frequently - meaning every hour or so

Thanks in advance!
31st July 2014, 08:26 PM |#2  
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think i just solved it myself ...

according to the dumpfile the "silent hours"-feature (hope that's what its called in english) cause all those alarm-wakelocks ...

my silent hours were set between 0000 - 0700, but somewhere around 3 or 4 o'clock my battery ran out, i plugged the phone in an booted it after 0700 ... i guess the system wanted to activate / deactive the ringtones and stuff all the time which caused the heavy battery drain ... after i disabled the feature clock speeds went back to normal (between 200 and 500MHz)

do the guys over at CM know that issue ? ^^
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1st August 2014, 03:31 PM |#3  
knuckles1978's Avatar
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Maybe they don't know about it. I'll try setting quiet hours on my phone to see if it does the same.

If it does then we should report it.
1st August 2014, 07:08 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by knuckles1978

Maybe they don't know about it. I'll try setting quiet hours on my phone to see if it does the same.

If it does then we should report it.

i think it is important that you battery dies while quiet hours is active and that you reactive the phone after quiet hours should have ended.
also i was running my phone with ART, and i already got word from the Cyanogen team that they don't support ART yet. So they won't look at the issue if it cannot be reproduced with Dalvik.

But thanks for the effort!
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