Default [Q] OTG strange problem

Hello all,
first of all, tried to use search of this problem, couldn't find anything.
So my problem is that when I connect to my GT-I9100 OTG cable with flash drive(8gb) it just dosen't detect it also tried using philz, apollo(dosen't remember corectly name) dosen't work either. Tried using OTG Troubleshooter it is question mark on "OTG Detected", with OTG cable everything is good because asked my friends to use it, they said that it worked for them. I thought it was my phone usb(where you put in) was damaged but no, phone is charging perfect also USB to PC works correctly. Also OTG cable holding very weak.
My rom:Neat rom(newest)
Kernel: Dorimanx(newest)
Thanks for help
Merry Christmas and happy new year
Regards, Paul.

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Regards, Paulius

Device: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100
Android: BeanStalk 4.4.2 Unofficial
Kernel: Included
Baseband: XXLSD