Default [Q] phone stuck on booting screen after updating apps.[SOLVED]


I just updated some apps from google play, I think it was google search, text to speech and some apps and a game that I have on my phone. I later get a phone call from a friend and when I hang up I get this message that gapps have been crashed. I pressed okay and thought nothing more than that. But then I get this warning signs about more and more things are crashing. I decide to turn my phone off and now it is stuck on the kernel screen (DorimanX Kernel)

I use ReVolt v4.3 and I have done nothing else with the phone except updating some apps. I can boot to recovery so I tried to clean the dalvik cache and the regular cache but it still wont start.

EDIT: I solved it by also using the fix permission that is an option in CWM. It is working alright for now. I guess it was some issues with the new apps permission that made the phone stuck on boot screen!