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[Q] PROBLEM when unpack boot.img in CM10.1.3 (I9100G)

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Default [Q] PROBLEM when unpack boot.img in CM10.1.3 (I9100G)

I have problem when i try to unpack boot.img from CM10.1.3 Stable version for I9100G.
I tried many time but It say can't find kernel or ramdisk.
Any body help me please?
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Anybody help me please???????????????????????
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Very few people post here these days, not even the mods seem to be around. If you want help with this, you're either going to have to be really patient (understatement, don't be surprised if you still don't have an answer in a week), or go ask in the CM discussion thread. Your question isn't exactly a 'Hlap mai fone borked ! Odin don't werk !' type query. There aren't many people who post to S2 forums anymore who can answer this type of question.

So you can either sit in this thread & not get the answers you're looking for, or you can be proactive & seek them out.
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I tried to worked out with few boot images before. I dont know what is yours
can you upload it please.

If you have windows it will be easy for you to explore that image in hex editor
That what i know so far is. Open your image in hex editor and look for "error" phrase
and you will find several of that 'error' kernel error header error compression error
im my case it is last one before compressed file. You need to recognize magic of
compressed file it is just after 'error'
for gzip is: 1F 8B 0B
for LZMA is: 5D 00 00 00 04 FF FF
you can look for that instead 'error' And then you need to cut of everything before
magic number. Make your file start of that magic number. If you do that you will be able to
decompress it. gunzip file.gz or unlzma file.lzma

or you can use your android to find archive in your boot.img
hexdump -C boot.img | grep '1f 0b 08'
and result is
000046b0 72 6f 72 00 1f 8b 08 00 00 00 00 00 02 03 ac bd |ror.............|
ant then you have hex address 46b0 witch is pointing on first byte of that line. Its 72
hex is not easy to count in your memory so we need to convert it to dec value
echo $((16#46b0))
result is
18096 but remember this addres is pointing on 72. We need address of next 4 byte 1f
so we need to count in a memory then. Addres of 1f is 18100
Its easy now. We need to extract archive from boot.img
dd if=boot.img of=archive.gz bs=18100 skip=1

And then decompress it. Thats not all it is just a clue i hope it will work out for you
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