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No idea. The people seem pretty 'busy'. Thanks for helping. Just one teeny tiny last question.. How do I install cm11 or any kitkat rom over this? Cwm is so it's compatible...
Yes, mate, CWM is capable of flashing KitKat.
It is usually always the same:
  • download your ROM zip and compatible Gapps
  • check in the phone (or PC) if the zips are corrupted through download (if they open after clicking them, they are fine)
  • move the zips to the folder you will flash it from (if you use PC to flash zips with ADB sideload, put them in the sdk/platform-tools folder)
  • make nandroid backup of your presently used ROM
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • wipe cache
  • wipe dalvik cache (advanced)
  • format /system (under mount and storage)
  • flash ROM.zip
  • flash Gapps
  • reboot
It is in general always good to read in the development thread of the ROM you attend to flash in the opening post which Gapps are recommended, or if there is some unusual order of flashing (sometimes, developers recommend reboot system after flashing ROM, and after that going to recovery and flash Gapps zip.

Some KitKat ROMs struggle with root access by using Superuser, so SuperSU should be flashed. If SuperSU app from Play Store gives errors by updating binary, you should uninstall SuperSU app then, find in the Chainfire's thread the compatible UPDATE-SuperSu.zip (version for your phone), flash its zip in the recovery, install SuperSU app, update binary (either "normal" or "through CWM/TWRP")
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