Default [Q] S2 as a Basic Home Audio Controller

Hi All,

First post here, hope i'm posting in the right area. If not, MODS feel free to point me in the appropriate direction and delete/move as appropriate. I've also tried searching without luck and not really sure what other terms i can use to describe what i'm doing.

Basically, i have two old s2's (GT-i9100) that i intend to use in the audio systems around my house. One will sit in the loungeroom and be able to stream to one of several Airplay receivers around the place (Yamaha RX-V573 Receiver or my other S2 plugged into the receiver in the shed running Airbubble) using Airtunes. I'm using Airplay, because it seems to work incredibly smoothly and easily, its built into my receiver, plus my Zombie iOS friends can play their music easily as well. Maybe i'm over complicating, maybe theres an easier way of doing this, i'm open to suggestions.

I want anybody to be able to pick up the s2 that will live on the coffee table and play music via pandora/mog/or my DLNA server to any of the receivers. I want it to be secure and restricted to that i'm the only one that can modify/configure the settings. And there will be no facebook/google account etc running on the device as a security precaution. Does this make sense?

So basically i'm after a Basic Simple ROM with no unneeded apps that can handle these basic functions with reliability and stability, and can be locked down.

For reference, my daily is an s4, plus i have a work supplied iPAD2, which i have just replaced with my own 2014 Note 10.1. My PC is a Series 9 Samsung 15" Laptop. I have installed several ROMS before on my S2 and my Xoom.

Any tips/advice/help/suggestions would be appreciated.