Thumbs up sd card not pleae

Hi guys. A little help please. I can't seem to get my phone to see my internal SD card after repartioning my phone. Followed the instructions to the letter on Everything went smoothly. And restored my nandroid backup of slimkat but now I can't get into my SD. Also, now my PC can't even see my phone. Windows keeps saying device is broken. Everything works except internal memory. I tried to mount SD in recovery with no luck. I remember there were SD mounting problems with kk so I also tried flashing slimbean 4.3 but also unsuccessful. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated....

Edit: after flashing, recovery says "unable to mount / 'emmc'". Also, after boot, I get a notification "Blank SD card- SD card is blank or has unsupported filesystem".

Problem solved! After hours of reading posts with nothing working I decided to try a cwm recovery kernel (I have been on twrp forever). I was able to mount the internal SD card with cwm! Flashed tarp back and flashed slimsaber and like magic everythings working again!!