Default [Q] Skype problems


I have installed the resurrection remix RR JB V3.1.3 AOKP 4.2.1 (SGS2) ROMs with the dorimanx kernel, and the cyanogenmod 10.1.3 ROM on my i9100 int. and on both I am having problems with skype.

On the RR ROM skype crashes the entire OS and causes it to freeze, and on the Cyanogenmod ROM I have tried old and new versions of skype and they all have problems - 2 second lag to type a number in dialer, 2 second delay in sounds received whilst on a call, freezing, and switching from bluetooth to earpiece by itself (and then cant be turned back onto earpiece, doesnt disable or disconnect the phone from bluetooth though).

Has anyone else been having problems with skype on these ROMS?

Apart from that the ROMs seem to be working fine. I had a bug with RR where the input method kept swtihing itself to physical keyboard but that seems to be OK now. Everything is fine in the Cyanogen MOD apart from this skype problem (and a 64 gig SD card which is not mounting, which I think might not be supported by the kernel).

I have CWM installed. Browser and other internet apps work OK.

Cheers for any help.