Default Strange force-closing after flashing PA gapps

Just as the title says, I have a strange issue with PA Gapps on my S2:

I was on Omni Rom 4.4.2 and didn't like it, so I wanted to flash back to CyanogenMod. Didn't work of course, since TWRP didn't flash back to CWM. So I flashed back to stock, rooted with latest PhilZ Recovery and actually everything worked so far, until I flashed CyanogenMod and PA gapps. As long as I use PA gapps, I get system UI force closes and stuff like that, but if I use the gapps from everything works.
So my question is: is this related to my S2 and if so, how can I fix it? PA gapps work on my Xperia Z like they should, so I'm a bit out of it right now...

Thanks in advance!