Question [Q] WiFi problem on dorimanx kernel

Hi, since some time I can't switch on WiFi on slimsaber 4.4.4.
Before I install slimsaber I make format of data,cache and system partition in recovery. Then I install slim saber,gapps and after that dorimanx kernel. During setup on WiFi screen I got message that I should switch on wifi. I skiped that and after setup process finished I tried to switch on WiFi from settings but it doesn't work. When I flash Gustavo_s kernel everything is OK. I've discovered that when I flash ROM as 2nd ROM everything works so I've cloned 2nd ROM to 1st ROM. After that WiFi in 1st ROM works. When I tried to update ROM to last one (26.07.14) WiFi stopped work again and I had to start everything again (2nd rom->1st). I've resized partitions some time ago but I don:'t think that it could be the source of the problem.I've tried kernel wipe script but it didn't help.
Does anyone have idea what is wrong?