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[APP] Nikon DSLR Dashboard via USB V0.30.27 beta

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By thehabos, Senior Member on 10th September 2011, 01:55 PM
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I'm presenting you my Android application for controling Nikon and Canon DSLR with your Android phone/tablet over USB, wireless with the WU-1a/1b adapter or with using an OpenWrt with help of the DslrDashboardServer.

For running the application you need Android with USB host mode support and USB OTG cable/adapter.

Begining with version V0.30.1 you need Android 4.0 (ICS) for the application, the old version V0.26.7 minimal requirement is Android 2.3.4.

Bitcoin donation address: 19QGtBbPXQL1Y6dRC2jVoH7t5nHFeK5F5W

Instant Guide to DslrDashboard by Dmitri Popov:

The project is in beta development.

Please check out the new LRTimelapse help screen that should help you capturing time-lapse sequences.

V0.30.28 changes:
  • Nikon properties dialog (press the exposure indicator display in bottom to bring it up)
  • Some fixes for the Nikon internal bracketing - only available in Nikon properties dialog
  • Added Nikon HDR capture - only available in Nikon properties dialog
  • Added Nikon Auto ISO - only available in Nikon properties dialog
  • Canon 10x zoom
  • Small fix for Canon live view render while in movie recording
  • LRTimelapse help screen available if you start a time-lapse in DslrDashboard
  • Exposure correction based on camera exposure reading (Nikon only) - read more here [AutomaticExposureCorrection Exposure Correction]
  • Histogram based exposure correction - still work in progress
  • master device (NIKON only). If you have connected more devices you can set one as a master device and all other devices will reflect the shutter speed/aperture/iso changes. Also if you start a time-lapse on master device it will execute on other devices to. - this is still work in progress
  • small error fixes that where reported on Google Play

V0.30.27 changes:
  • Added the live view overlay buttons to new layout
  • GPS info now also works for Canon JPG and RAW to (only if the image is downloaded to your Android device - capture button is red)
  • Added BULB mode for custom bracketing (works only on models that support bulb shooting). Works only in M mode and the initial shutter speed must be other then bulb (<= 30 ).
  • Added battery info icon
  • Added Image size/format property for Canon (only tested with 650D)
  • Some fixes and changes for the GPS info handling for images
  • Stability fixes
  • Remaining free image count for sdcard (Nikon/Canon). Now if you click it, it will toggle between capture destination : camera sdcard/android device. The old 'capture' button long click still works but will be removed in upcoming versions.

V0.30.26 changes:
  • added support for DslrDashboardServer v0.2 that now support multiple USB connections and multiple client connections
  • now mov files are also displayed in the image gallery and they can be downloaded (it can take a while if a file is big) and watched (external played is used)
  • fix for the timelapse and focus dialog crash
  • histogram switch in LRTimelapse help screen
  • optimisation and more fixes for errors reported by users

V0.30.23 changes:
  • UI changes, the UI is faster now
  • LRTimelapse help screen, read more about it: LRTimelapse help screen
  • Internal changes to the device communicators

V0.30.22 changes:
  • Fix for D5100 crash
  • Added D3200 camera/host mode
  • Added bulb timer
  • Fix for 'Connect to server' button not showing
  • some small fixes

V0.30.21 changes:
  • More then one USB camera support (using an USB hub you can now connect more USB cameras and control/switch between them)
  • Fixed switching between connected cameras (USB or network connected)
  • Ability to start a capture on all connected cameras (enable it in the 'back' button dialog)
  • Fix for cameras that have 2 slots (Nikon)
  • Some fixes that should improve D3100 and D3200 (D3200 should also work)
  • Fixes for the old live view display
  • Canon live view should be a bit more faster
  • Other small fixes

V0.30.20 changes:
  • D7100 support
  • WU-1a/1b support (tested with D7100 by me, tested with D600 with a help of a user)
  • Custom bracketing now works with Canon in M and A mode to
  • lot of small fixes

V0.30.19 changes:
  • UI changes, reworked the icons, new colors for button, reworked the dialogs, removed the menu and actionbar as it was more in the way then it helped
  • image viewer uses OpenCV/OpenGL for rendering the image, JPG are loaded in full resolution so no pixelation when zoomed in (raw files are still processed with half-size because of slow processing in full resolution)
  • added live view exposure preview, live view white balance, live view selector for Nikon models that support it (they can be find in LV properties layout on right)
  • added zoom button in live view display (upper left corner - only in OpenCV/OpenGL live view mode) that will display a zoom dialog)
  • added a BLV button below the zoom button in live view. Pressing the BLV button will save the aperture/shutter speed/iso values. After pressing it those values can be changed at will. Before capture the application will restore the saved values and make the capture with those. If 'return to live view' is enabled the application will restore the BLV values. This is useful for Nikon models that reflect the aperture/shutter speed/iso changes in live view (like D800).
  • reworked the custom bracketing, now it should choose the right shutter speeds if used in M mode.
  • increased the manual focus step slider in live view (0 - 1000 now)
  • other fixes
  • I still didn't get back the Canon 650D so the custom bracketing is not working for Canon as I can't test it.

V0.30.18 changes:
  • Added D5200 support
  • Fixed custom bracketing image capture order - now the capture order is: under exposed - normal - over exposed
  • Fixed crash if external viewer is used
  • Fixed image review if camera shutter or remote release is used
  • Fixed the RPT interval property in Flash commander dialog
  • Added comment, artist and copyright properties (right panel last button). Not all models support the artist and copyright properties. All 3 can take up to 36 characters
  • Added focal length display in the bottom bar for cpu-lens.
  • Added a small DoF calculator. Press the focal length display in the bottom bar.
  • Added profiles for camera properties, custom bracketing, focus stacking, flash commander (CLS). All use the same dialog. 'New' will create a new profile. 'Save' will save the properties into the current selected profile. 'Load' will load the properties for the current selected profile. 'Delete' will delete the current selected profile.

V0.30.17 changes:
  • Keep live view aspect ratio (in settings)
  • Auto focus in live view after focus point change (for now Nikon only)
  • Landscape mode in both orientation
  • Next/previous image while in gallery image view (fling left/right)
  • Image review after image is taken (enable in settings). It will work if you shoot in RAW + JPG or in any of JPG modes
  • Custom bracketing dialog rework. Now you can select the desired under/over exposure image count. In 'A' mode it will use the EV as in old version, in 'M' mode it will bracket the shutter speed. Displays that EV/shutter speed values that will use for bracketing (for now Nikon only)
  • Added menu options for connecting to DslrDashboardServer running on OpenWrt

V0.30.16 changes:
  • I added OpenCV. Durning DslrDashboard first start it will ask you to install the OpenCV manager. After installing it the manager will install the OpenCV client libraries for the Android device.
  • I added a complet new live view rendering that is implemented in native code using OpenCV and OpenGL. To enable the new rendering go to settings and under live view options enable the 'Use OpenCV/OpenGL for LV rendering' option. In OpenCV/OpenGL rendering you are able to enable various OpenCV filters with the button located in the upper right corner (grayscale, sepia, edge detection, sobel, canny, inverse, etc). Also the histogram calculation and display is done with help of OpenCV. The new rendering should be much faster then the old one (Please test this rendering so I can improve it, with D5000 and 650D works superb here on Nexus 7 and SG2 to).
  • added focus area selection for Nikon cameras (still needs some work)
  • added a fix that enabled live view with Canon 7D models
  • fixed the exposure display view

V0.30.15 changelog (mostly Canon 650D changes)
  • reworked the capture
  • added bulb capture (select BULB for shutter speed, press the capture button to start BULB capture, press again the capture button to end BULB capture)
  • reworked the auto focus (AF now works like if you press halfway the shutter release button, while you holding the AF button the camera is auto focusing, after you release it will stop the auto focus)
  • added EV value display while the AF is enabled
  • added proper focus rect display while in live view
  • added movie recording (thanks to Dave Coffin who showed me how to decode the LV image while in movie recording - while the camera is recording a movie the LV is much slower)
  • added the focus mode property for the live view and movie recording
  • custom bracketing (in Av mode)
  • focus stacking (the Canon 650D only supports 3 steps of focus movement 1 - small, 2 - medium, 3 - large so use these values for the focus step value in the dialog)
  • time-lapse also works now with Canon 650D
  • other small fixes improvements

V0.30.14 changelog
  • Fix for the time-lapse bug
  • Networking mode - server accepts more clients and switching is possible between the connected clients (server can have a camera connected with usb to)
  • Initial Canon 650D code - this is work in progress (custom bracketing, focus stacking and time-lapse not working yet)

V0.30.13 changelog
V0.30.12 changelog
  • Added audio initiated capture
  • Added full screen toggle to preferences

V0.30.11 changelog
V0.30.10 changelog
  • Merged the image gallery for images that are on phone/tablet and images on camera card
  • Added 2 buttons for camera card slots for cameras that have more then 1 card slot (need to be tested)
  • Fix for D800 and D600 movie recording
  • Fixes for some properties for D800 and D600
  • Flash commander dialog
  • Option to add EXIF GPS location info to images that are captured to phone/tablet
  • small fixes

V0.30.5 changelog
  • Added option in preferences to disable the internal image viewer so you can use your favorite one (like Photo Mate)
  • Added focus stacking (you start it from the focus stacking dialog)
  • Added manual focus movement to live view (the toggle is in the bottom right corner in live view)
  • Moved the histogram toggle in live view to upper right corner
  • Added more info to live view OSD
  • Added live view OSD toggle to bottom left corner
  • fixed some fixes for D3S, hope someone can confirm that works
  • some small fixes
What is done between V0.26.7 and V0.30.5[LIST][*] Works only with Android V4.0 (ICS) and up.[*] Complete rewrite of the application core.[*] Remake of the application UI.[*] Better tablet support.[*] Custom bracketing[*] Timelapse[*] Focus stacking[*] Manual focus movement while in live view (focus mode must be AF-S)[*] Separate image gallery for images on phone and camera[*] Image preview[*] Histogram in live view and in image preview

ps: probably the basic functions will work with other nikon cameras as the program checks what
commands/properties the camera supports(or any camera that supports
the basic PTP commands/properties/events - PIMA 15740:2000
or ISO 15740:2008 - don't have this one as it is to much for my pocket)
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File Type: apk DslrDashboard_V0.26.7_beta.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.40 MB, 3673 views)
File Type: apk DslrDashboard_V0.30.22.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.20 MB, 2149 views)
File Type: apk DslrDashboard_V0.30.30_x86.apk - [Click for QR Code] (3.10 MB, 1274 views)
File Type: apk DslrDashboard_V0.30.30.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.83 MB, 5603 views)
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10th September 2011, 02:16 PM |#2  
awesome-member's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag kent uk
Thanks Meter: 19
I knew after chainfire released one for canon, some one would release one for nikon as well.I own canon dslr so i wont be able test it but kudos to you for releasing one for free.
10th September 2011, 03:42 PM |#3  
Declan79's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Padang
Thanks Meter: 15
Wow,its cool. Wonder when its come for olympus. It would be great with pen series

send from my premium XDA GT-P1000 2.3.3|DXJPE
10th September 2011, 03:45 PM |#4  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
Great work!! Let me know if you want me to test on the D5100.
10th September 2011, 04:04 PM |#5  
Flag Lugano
Thanks Meter: 9
Any news about this? I need it for my D7000.
10th September 2011, 04:19 PM |#6  
Araf's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Jakarta
Thanks Meter: 67
OMG..finally someone create something that can combine SGS2 and Nikon Camera.
Unfortunately, I have Nikon D700. I hope you can create similar application for it :)
Anyway, thanks for your great work thehabos
10th September 2011, 05:10 PM |#7  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
the app won't boot ! :S
10th September 2011, 05:40 PM |#8  
OP Senior Member
Flag Bajmok
Thanks Meter: 157
Donate to Me
Checked out the sdk's for other models and with some work the other models will work to. The live view part needs most of the changes.

can you be more specific, what rom u use, what camera u use, do you get the permission dialog, is your camera detected when you turn it on?

I'm on latest lite'ning rom.
10th September 2011, 05:59 PM |#9  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
before trying to connect the camera (D5k) , the application won't even boot .

in the pics you can see the error and my phone info .
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Name:	SC20110910-185510.jpg
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Name:	SC20110910-185538.jpeg
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10th September 2011, 06:27 PM |#10  
OP Senior Member
Flag Bajmok
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Originally Posted by aflatonios

before trying to connect the camera (D5k) , the application won't even boot .

in the pics you can see the error and my phone info .

sorry but you need at least 2.3.4 version, i forget to write it in the first post
10th September 2011, 07:49 PM |#11  
/dev/null/'s Avatar
Flag localhost
Thanks Meter: 7
very interesting!
I have a Nikon D300 .. you think I could use your app with my camera?

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