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[APP][22.09.2011][v1.1] NoMoarPowah! - Charging screen replacement - ROOT

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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
By the way, if anyone has a custom design in mind, feel free to post a mock-up
Great work Chainfire! It works great on the Vibrant (as long as it's not running CM7) but I have a suggestion. I use the dock which charges the device in the landscape (270 degrees) orientation. Any chance on getting landscape orientation for future updates?

Also... would it help or hurt if you added the option to clear the batterystats.bin file to automatically recondition the battery?
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i know binary just mentioned not to use it on cm7 on a vibrant, but any chance of it working with MIUI / CM7 with a I9000 ?


shame; doesn't work with MIUI (Yes, i know it's based somewhat off CM7, but i can hope)

will be looking forward to if you get it working, or when i get bored of it and go back to a normal rom 8P
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Thanks! Will try it out when I get a chance. Really like the idea and from chainfire it just cant go wrong!! (:
I tried to find out if your kernel was needed.. But it don't look like..

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Originally Posted by dully79 View Post
Tried this last night, chose option "power off, charge, wake at set time"........ It never woke and neither did I.
My girlfriend turned the charger off before wake time so it stopped running, I'll try again tonight.
So i tried again, this time it wasn't unplugged and it worked fine.
Thanks Jedi chainfire, you really are the man with the golden touch, have a nice weekend.
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Thank you a million times for this! This is so awesome.

I see a lot of replies describing this as "silly", which it certainly is, but it can also be very useful for some. For me it brought back the only feature I've missed from my decade old Nokia feature phones: being able to shut them off completely for the night, and still have the alarm wake me up in the morning.
It's also really great if your battery runs out, and you leave it to charge. Now you don't need to worry about forgetting to turn it back on again. Awesomesauce.

I was already damn impressed with the OpenGL-tweak app and the dmesg/logcat bootscreens, but this is, to me, even more amazing and awesome, can't thank you enough Chainfire.

I realize actual brightness changing would be a hassle, but as you've stated in the thread, for AMOLED-screens, simply changing the color from white to a darker gray would achieve the same result. I'd love to see a feature like this, nothing fancy - something like "use darker graphics" when installing the system files etc would be appreciated. Also, it'd already help immensely, if there was an option to disable the logo (brightest part of the screen, at least for me) from being displayed.

Again, great app. Even if you did code it as more of a joke than anything else, it's really useful for me at least, and I'll have you know I'd gladly have paid double the price I paid for it. I ended up just sending a small donation instead through the link in your signature, instead.

Keep working on awesome stuff like this from time to time, the Android ecosystem needs a dozen more developers like you!

e: dammit, missed the last few pages of the thread, I see the images can be modded quite easily.

e2: quickly batchedited together a darker imageset, all images (except for the check-marks, I didn't like how they turned out and couldn't be bothered to do them by hand at 2am) are at 50% brightness, and I quickly masked the text from the logo and removed the background. Install through CWM (install script stolen wholesale from ironheart) or manually copy the images over.

It doesn't look great but gets the job done, if I have a couple of minutes free tomorrow I'll try and whip up something a bit more decent.

Here's a rough idea of what it looks like:
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Hi Chainfire.... I understand how difficult and frustrating could be coding apps at such lower level... but as you already provided the code for the reboot button what do you think about adding just 2 more small buttons for recovery mode (R) and download mode (D)?
Maybe in a donate/pro version?

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Very original, thanks Chainfire.. Keep up the fresh ideas and you'll be a rich rich man.

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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
Working on that. I had a possible fix already included but it appears it is not sufficient. The problem here is that in the charging mode both the current time and timezone differ, but not in the same way across devices. It is inconsistent. I fear the only way to truly fix it may be to have an option in the Android app to adjust the time manually.
I love this app. Thanks Chainsfire.

I too am seeing a different time when charging other than the current. I think the manual fix would be awesome.

Very neat idea, would love to see this app grow! Thanks again.
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@ Chainfire

Just a suggestion..if possible

how about adding an option to delete battery stats/bin file once phone is charged to 100% and then delete those files and boot..

would help battery calibration..and make it much easier..

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Noted for the next update (which wont be until next week at the earliest, unfortunately)
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