Default brick

I was trying to update SGH-I747 to UCUFNE4_4.4.2 I misread the instructions and I didn't reset my firmware and install the ota over custom ones.Phone rebooted maybe 3 seconds and was dead after that. The only life the phone had was remove battery and plug charger in and the red light came on.
Fix the debrick image I used was from rishidhar post of enewman17's files here the file that worked was debrick256.img using 32g sandisk sd card. This is the thread that help alot on understanding what to do here I also used 2 sd cards one with all my apps and the debrick image .Not sure if what I done is how I am explaining it I think I rooted the sd card after it booted up then with towelroot then supersu thenrom manager then recovery then booted in to it and flashed this then restored a nandroid backup of task 650 4.4.4 all is fine now.I think so far