Default [Q] Camera date is not correct

Hello dear members of this forum, I do need your help.

I recently updated my samsung galaxy s3 mini to Cyanogen mod. So right now it's running on an Android Version of Maclaw ( )

Even before this, I've discovered a small error in my phone's camera. Or in combination with dropbox?

Well, here the story:
I've been taking pictures and I have the automatic picture upload to dropbox. This means, Dropbox will rename the pictures according to the date and time it was taken.

Unfortunately, all of my pictures are (according to dropbox) taken on january 1st, 1970, 1o'clock. All of them. Does anyone have the same problem or any idea how to fix this?
There is no "taken"-date in the exif data. Only the "created" and "changed" time.
Is there anybody who might be able to help me?

Thank you very much