Default [Q] USB Connection Options

Hello there.

First of all, the backgrounds...

I'm using CM11 by Maclaw, running 4.4.4

I got curious and unticked MTP on the notification tray. Usually the system won't let you untick it unless you tick the other option. But this actually left both options untick, so now it won't even connect to my laptop, and the option in the notification tray disappeared. All that is left is the USB debugging mode option. I still hear the sound when you plug a usb device on my laptop but it's not just connecting. I've tried rebooting. There's also no setting (that I could see) that would let you choose which connection method you want.

Any idea what's happening here? Or how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!!!

Update: Never mind. You could actually press the menu button when inside Storage in Settings.