Question [Q] PRL Error Code 6 MMS Not working!

PRL Error Code 6 MMS Not working!

Please help me out guys, haven't had this much trouble with prl's or apns ever but this is driving me crazy and couldn't find anything googling. So basically I had a stock ND8 sprint gs3. Wiped via factory reset then flashed twrp via odin then cyanogenmod11. This is when the problems started. I couldn't send mms. Looked at apn and it says there were over 1600 provider settings! Even had stuff for UK + Asia... Backed up my apns from my other working gs3 (16apns for sprint only ) and no difference. Then I flashed back to wicked7.3 and tried updating prl or profile and keep getting error code 6. Still shows the 16 sprint apns only. PLEASE HELP! TYIA