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I did find a bug with the camera...I realized the fc that was reported was on video...so I tried that at the stated resolution...no cf but I get an overlay of the s-beam animation...and that happens on every resolution I tried.

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Just the Note 2 and Note 3 cameras seem to have this issue from my testing and other user reports. I'll work on them later.

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Build is unified for T999 and I747
Need T999 users to verify everthing is ok.


*Added de-bloat menu to Aroma.
*Added NVdata to EFS backup in Aroma.
*Fixed FC of System UI on first boot.
*Added S5 phone app with incoming pop-up and mini mode to Aroma.
*Updated a lot of apps, mostly for clean installs.
*Cleaned up more init.d, Hopefully this improves battery life in standby. Can't do anything about while the screen is on. hehehe!
*Removed Smart Network as it caused problems. must do a clean wipe to get rid of toggle and settings. Or edit the settings.db after dirty flash, you will need an sqlite editor.
*Fixed FC on long press torch toggle.

*Unified build for I747 and T999
*Enabled incoming call pop-up in call settings. not working yet needs special multiwindow feature.
*Enabled call recording in the menu instead of on main screen.
*Removed and edited some init.d that I believe is responsible for the battery drain.
*Enabled network selection mode, Probably wont work for AT&T users. Build prop. "ro.radio.networkmode=enabled"
*Fixed FC on Torch toggle long press.

*Aroma installer
*fixed overlay on system ui. clock and icons are now brighter.
*unlocked all lock screen effects.
*added heads up notifications in extras.
*better ripple effects.
*removed battery toggle in battery settings.
*fixed gms core fc issues.
*fixed the keyguard quick unlock.
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