Default [Q] Question about hyperlinked numbers in messaging app

My provider (Wind Mobile) sends me notification texts when I receive a voicemail. In these texts is a shortcut 5-digit number, which I can dial to listen to the specific voicemail directly, instead of having to dial the main voicemail and using the menu to listen to all new messages. The text message will say something like "dial 00025 to listen to it directly".

When I got my phone, these messages would have the 5-digit number hyperlinked, so I would just press it and it would take me to my dialer, and I could call it. After my phone received the 4.3 update, these types of numbers no longer were hyperlinked to the dialer, and this behaviour didn't improve after the 4.4.2 update either.

Does anyone know how I can restore this functionality in the stock messaging app?