Default Need help updating (near) stock T999L to 4.3 for my father

About a year and a half ago, I gave my father my T999L after I upgraded the phone. Since then it appears a 4.3 update has been released and in order to use his Galaxy Gear watch that he wanted for his birthday, he needs to upgrade. He wants to stick with a stock (or stock based) ROM and I need to get it taken care of for him today. When I had the phone, I was running Dandroid. Because I rooted, installed custom recovery, etc. it reads as modified software and will not receive the OTA even though I flashed returned it to stock before I gave it to him.

Any help would be great - apparently the 4.1.2 bootloader won't work with the 4.3 ROMs? Anyone have a link to something I can just use ODIN to flash and get it all done in one step? I assume the link here can do it? Hopefully...

Thanks in advance.

EDIT : Never mind, we're good. I got it figured out
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