Question [Q] GPS Funky on AOSP 4.4.4 ROMs

Any D2VZW users here that are NOT having GPS issues on KK ROMS? If so, what's your exact setup? Firmware, modem, apps, Xposed, kernel, etc? Also, what recovery & version are you using?

For the life of me, I can not get GPS working reliably on AOSP ROMs. On TouchWiz, GPS works fantastic, so I'm confident it's not hardware related.

It seems if I have location set to "High Accuracy", it doesn't find me and doesn't see the GPS. I constantly have to enable and disable location and eventually it will stay locked. Occasionally while driving I'll get a GPS signal lost notice and have to exit navigation before trying again. It seems to be better if I select "Device Only", which is only the GPS, but then a lot of the Google Services don't work.

Current setup: TWRP installing Task650's 8/12 build (a test build) & Task650's Gapps, stock kernel, MF1 firmware, ML1 or NE1 modem. No Xposed. I also use an iBolt Car Dock, which loads Car Home Ultra ( and kicks the device into Car Mode. Who knows, maybe Car Mode is part of the issue here.

Any ideas / feedback?
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