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Samsung MHL to HDMI Adapter not working??

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Default 3FHUBE adapter brought directly from Samsung not working

I have a Verizon SCH-1535 running a rooted stock ROM. I have been pulling my hair out trying to get the HDMI connection to work to no avail.

Full part # from Samsung: KCC-REM-SEC-EPL-3FHUBE (printed on part) (bought directly through samsung's website as EPL-3FHUBEGSTA) which is the same part # (KCC-REM-SEC-EPL-3FHUBE) as the questionable Amazon sourced adapter i also have.

Using the original 1A charger plugged into MHL adapter, HDMI into monitor, and finally adapter plugged into phone.

Phone connection simply charges, does not notify of hdmi connection or display.

I went so far as to get a hold of Samsung tech support, they had me pull battery & restart, wipe cache and restart, then full factory reset. No change what so ever using either of my adapters.

Further I connected my coworker's Sprint S3 with the same result.

Questioning if i had a 5 pin adapter i plugged in another coworker's S2: which did not charge, respond, and the connector did not fully engage.

Is there anything i'm missing here? I'm using the original samsung 1 amp charger, original samung MHL adapter (believed to be 11-pin per Samsung's product page)
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Happened to me once.. Almost threw the cable away.. You need a second adapter. From that cable to the phone.
Try searching for one on ebay.. Cost me about 4-5$.

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Originally Posted by Lear95 View Post
Happened to me once.. Almost threw the cable away.. You need a second adapter. From that cable to the phone.
Try searching for one on ebay.. Cost me about 4-5$.

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isn't that the older 5 pin mhl adapter that requires the 5 to 11 pin adapter? I purchased this unit because it's suppose to be an 11 pin already.

what part number is on your adapter?
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I have a Samsung TV with MHL-in port. I'd like to use an MHL cable that will also power the phone (not connect a power source to an adapter cable).

Which cable will work? Thanks.

Never mind, I found the solution:

This combo works like a charm.
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so I just got my SECOND 11pin MHL adapter. First one never worked once. Not once.

I live in Brazil so I cannot just send it back for another one.

Had a friend coming down so I had him purchase another. Got it yesterday.

Took it out of the box (Samsung originals both) plugged into hdmi cable, plugged into phone and then plugged in charger.

Came on and worked perfectly. PERFECTLY! when you rotate the screen the entire image fills up the entire 55" TV with nothing missing. Filled it up perfectly.

The S4 is 1080p and this proved it. Photos and videos from phone and from you tube were perfect. I have it plugged in through my surround sound and it also was perfect. I was so happy.

then I left the house (after disconnecting everything) and came back and tried to use it again.


will not come on anymore, so it is not like some setting is off, it did work, one time, now it just wont work anymore.

both of em are POS! to say I am pissed would be mild....

what can be done?
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Couldn't get mine to work at first.
Thought it was the HDMI cable.
So I tried the HDMI cable on another electronic device, and it was working.
I checked to make sure I had the 11 pin adapter attached, as well as providing power to the adapter. Still no signal.
While wiggling the cable I noticed that it displayed a signal for a brief second.
I then noticed that I wasn't getting a good connection where the adapter plugged into my phone.
I then decided to take the bumper case off my phone, and everything began to work as it should.
The case I had on my phone was keeping the adapter from getting a solid connection. So from now on, when if I need to use the adapter, I'll just remember to take the bumper case off.

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I get video but no audio, what can the problem be? im using a 11pin adapter, i plugged in the micro usb from the phone so it gets power, and the other cable to phone and tv HDMI, restarted phone several times and tryied on 2 different TV same result, video but no audio no matter what... and it says its work on galaxy s3/s4/note etc... it was bought from china though 8$ only but it should work right?

I thought any adapter being 11pin should work.....
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so I got one of them to work. I took off the case and plugged it in, nothing. I am talking about the HDMI plug from the MHL adapter to the phone.
I then proceeded to push harder (not too hard, you do not want to break anything) and moved it around slightly from side to side. Ever so gently (you do not want to break anything) and then after a few seconds, it came on.

I unplugged it, did it again, nothing. second time took me a few more seconds but it came on again.

I did it a third time and it worked again.

So, I think it has to do with the HDMI connection from the MHL adapter to the phone or more than likely the hdmi/power adapter connector built into the phone because, a) with wiggling it worked and b)on my S3, they both work without fail.

So, more thoughts are there is an issue with the hdmi/power plug on the phones and if the MHL adaptors and not connected perfectly, you get nothing.

btw - these are Samsung originals, not aftermarket ones....

One adapter I could not get to work at all, the other was working.

The funny thing is, they both work, without issue on the S3 but when plugging into the S4, nope, had to do the wiggle trick....

here is a shot I took, the ever ending tunnel!!!!
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I would stick to branded samsung adaptors.

I got a unbranded adaptor and just tried it, no go, nothing on my hdmi monitor. I assumed I need to turn something on but apparently its plug and play? googling the issue has scores of hits of problems with unbranded adaptors.

Ordered now the expensive samsung branded one and I expect it to arrive in 2-3 days. Will post back if that fixes my problem (as I guess the hdmi cable could be naff). Bit annoyed it also charges my phone as was in middle of testing my idle battery drain.
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