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[KERNEL][AGNi][CM] 01-04-2015 AGNi pureCM v2.9.1_R2/v4.3.9 I9305 (ULTRA SMOOTH)

26th June 2013, 06:14 PM |#1  
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OC v2.9.1_R2 Available Now

(Cyanogenmod smdk4412 kernel source based !)

NOTE: I dont own an I9305 (I have I9300) and i cannot test this myself... use at your own risk !!!

  • CPU GOVERNORS: conservative, ondemand, powersave, interactive, performance, userspace, lulzactive, lulzactiveq, pegasusq, zzmoove (since v2.3.1)
  • I/O GOVERNORS: deadline, cfq, row, sio, vr, bfq
  • default cpu governor: lulzactiveq
  • default I/O governor: row
  • NTFS R/W kernel support
  • CIFS & NFS Network FileSystems
  • swap support enabled
  • KSM enabled
  • cleancache enabled
  • automatic efs backup on /data/media/psn-efs-backup
  • Boeffla sound v1.6 implemented (v1.6.4 since v2.3.3c)
  • 512MB Zram with zcache
  • Zram with SNAPPY v3 compression as first swap priority (LZ4 since v2.3.1)
    (LOW CPU LOAD FOR COMPRESSION of ram memory blocks with little loss of compression ratio compared to default LZO compression)
  • uses my compiled busybox (v1.22) to support swap device priorities
  • kernel uses LZMA compression
  • 24-06-2013 updated soures with latest CM commits including Samsung OSRC Update 10 commit
  • Boeffla Audio v1.6 | Dynamic Fsync v1.2 | Battery Charging voltages support | better LED notification management | CPU UV support
    Google SNAPPY-v3 Zram | Updated ROW I/O scheduler to v4 | Added V(R) I/O scheduler | Added BFQ v5r1 I/O scheduler | Mutable kernel logger interface
    Supports inbuilt BOEFFLA TWEAKS APP which supports custom user changes only for supported features
    pureCM v2.3 kernel is preconfigured with the best configuration from me
  • 19-07-2013 NEW FEATURES in v2.3.1 :-
    Updated latest relevant CM commits | GPU OC/UV support | LZ4 compression for Zram | ZZmoove-v0.6 CPU governor | integrated AGNi preloadSWAP option in Boeffla app
  • 23-07-2013 Small Update:-
    Added selinux support(same as in latest CM) | CWM-FLASHABLE CPU-GPU_OC/UV boot failure reseter tool automatically placed on internal sdcard
  • 05-08-2013 Update in v2.3.3a (CM 10.1 & CM 10.2) :-
    Linux kernel upstreamed from 3.0.64 to 3.0.88 | Updated latest CM commits | MALI GPU frequency threshold change support | Updated Zzmoove to 0.6a | fixed Zcache working | Touch Boost | Touch Wake
  • 29-08-2013 Updates in v2.3.3c (CM 10.1 & CM 10.2) :-
    Linux kernel upstreamed to 3.0.93 | Updated latest CM commits | Updated Zzmoove to 0.7b | GCChf 4.7.2 compiled arm-v7l cortex-a9 optimised | SAMSUNG OSRC exFAT File System support v1.2.4 | Boeffla-Sound: Engine 1.6.4
  • 04-09-2013: reuploaded v2.3.3c with linux kernel upstreamed 3.0.94 and latest CM ramdisk files.
  • 29-09-2013 Updates in v2.3.3d (CM 10.2) :-
    Linux kernel upstreamed to 3.0.97 | rebased on latest CM source from scratch | Updated Zzmoove to 0.7d | fixed user reported notification sound issue (nasty one) | fixed user reported initial freezy video playback | Implemented some Zram modifications with 4 zram devices support | updated BFQ I/O scheduler to v6r2 | implemented modified SIO I/O scheduler | Introducing AGNi Main user profiles (Extreme Battery Save / Battery Save / Normal / Gaming) which does not break NON-OC limits but user can override settings at will | removed Mutable android & kernel logger interfaces (buggy for CMs) | drop & forget for init.d scripts (user doesnt need to set permissions manually) | Repacked zip: fixed gpu oc frequencies gpu overvolting nag screens (you dont need to overvolt gpu when gpu oc anymore)
  • 30-09-2013 Finalizing bug fixes in v2.3.4 (CM 10.2) :-
    fixed missing Triangle away support in earlier version
  • 20-10-2013 Small Update in v2.3.4a (CM 10.2, BAM, PAC & ProBam) :-
    Upstreamed to 3.0.100 | updated CM-10.2, BAM, PAC, ProBam ramdisks
  • 19-11-2013 v2.4 (CM 10.1, CM 10.2 for now ) :-
    Upstream to 3.0.101 | some performance improvements | internal & external SD read_ahead_kb values user tweakable | Implemented Power Saving CPU load balancer (sched_mc_power_savings) | user changable Quad-Zram implementation(with equal swap priority) size and swappiness
  • 28-11-2013 v2.5 (CM 10.2 support ENDS HERE) :-
    For CM10.1/10.2 : added ignore unstable power charging option (changed custom charging code implementation) | some code change regarding how boeffla sound is handled upon boot
    For CM 11 : Implemented MALI r3p2 GPU drivers | Implemented SAMSUNG OSRC I9300 Update 12 s3cfb patches | added "Export SECONDARY_STORAGE to /storage/sdcard1" | updated healthd binary | added ignore unstable power charging option (changed custom charging code implementation) | applied Fix external sdcard mountpoint | some code change regarding how boeffla sound is handled upon boot | Implemented MALI r3p2 GPU OC/UV Note that for current implementation users have to OverVolt GPU manually if GPU OC
    Generic framework "framework-2.jar" introduced in v2.4 and above (teamed up with Yank555, Googy, Teufel, AndiP, Temasek), this is to get rid of proprietory framework naming conventions and come up with an aligned approach between rom and kernel devs.
    So please do pass this message along to your favorite ROM devs, we have stopped supporting additional frameworks with specific ROM names.(Bam Rom & PAC to be precise) Note that only framework-2.jar is supported, (instead of framework-pac.jar or framework-bam.jar) you have to rename depending on ur rom
  • 30-11-2013 v2.5a (CM11 UNOFFICIALS) :-
    updated Mali r3p2 OC/UV implementation (now users dont have to OverVolt GPU when GPU OC) | reduced some mali debug messages
  • 02-12-2013 v2.5b (CM11 UNOFFICIALS) :-
    applied fix for broken MALI r3p2 GPU OC/UV sysinterface | introduced "160/266/350/400/440" GPU freq steps in Boeffla Tweaks
  • 12-12-2013 v2.5c (CM11) :-
    applied some more Mali400 gpu oc/uv fixes | updated WiFi drivers from 1.61.47 --> 1.61.58 | synced to latest CM 11 official kernel sources
  • 19-12-2013 v2.5d (CM11) :-
    Moved to better 1.6GHz CPU OC/UV implementation | OMNI-type vibrator, hardware keys, backlight sysfs implementation (OMNI variant only) | exFAT integrated in kernel by default instead of modules
  • 21-12-2013 v2.5d REUPLOADED (CM11) :-
    Updated exFAT to v1.2.5 | added settings backup and restore to Boeffla Tweaks and its reset settings will not need reboot and default settings will be applied instantly
  • 04-01-2014 v2.5e (CM11) :-
    Implemented Frandom | Impemented mdnie: Switchable sharpness fix (V2) | Implemented mdnie: black crush fix | tweaked "random" (the default linux kernel RNG/PRNG device) | added Frandom lagfix-helper option in AGNi Control (/dev/random and /dev/urandom is replaced by symlinked /dev/frandom and /dev/erandom respecively = speeds up entropy generation without seeder app or rngd service) | Replaced "Boeffla Tweaks" app with my modified "AGNi Control" app (TESTED ART COMPATIBLE) [ THANKS to @HM.Carbide ]
  • 18-01-2014 v2.6a (ANY CM11 OFFICIAL/UNOFFICIAL ) :-
    ==> Introducing my "ANYROM" kernel flash method AKA "Kernel Patcher-v4.1"
    (Implementation of my old GALAXY ACE WORKS ) :-
    1. It extracts the installed kernel boot.img from the device
    2. It cracks it open to get the zImage and ramdisk
    3. it extracts this old ramdisk
    4. it removes any unwanted or conflicting elements with AGNi kernel (typically other custom CM kernel ramfs elements)
    5. It adds/removes/patches the files on this extracted ramdisk as necessary
    6. it packs this ramdisk and builds a new flashable boot.img using AGNi compiled zImage
    7. It places its log at /data/.AGNi which is refreshed on each pureCM kernel install
    8. This new boot.img is then flashed !!! Voila !

    NB: you wont find any boot.img in this installer zip, dont freak out
    ==> Other updates:
    Wifi: filter multicast packages while suspended | Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP | reduce battery-monitor timeouts | added PegasusqPlus CPU governor | added Zen I/O scheduler | some reduced debugging | Implemented touchkey and vibrator modifications to make work on CM & OMNI roms | Boeffla-Sound 1.6.5 | added min cpu freq settings in AGNi Control | added touchkey light modes option in AGNi Control | Implemented MDNIE HIJACK (sysfs tunables for screen colors, sharpness) - by default natural and standard profiles are available as of now
  • 22-01-2014 Small update v2.6b
    Bumped up ANYROM installer to v4.2 | LMK: add config option to support oom_adj values in sources | fixed little bug in touchkey light modes option
  • 24-01-2014 Update v2.6c
    arm unaligned memory access | mmc: disable crc for better performance | arch/arm/vfp: change compile flags - Neon & hard-float support | ARM: Add optimised swahb32() byteswap helper | ARM-spinlock: use ticket algorithm for ARMv6+ locking implementation | ARM: L1 cache optimization | Implemented Adaptive Body Bias (ABB) | Increased CPU OC support upto 1.8 GHz | fixed CPU-UV scripts not working | LMK minfree tweakable from AGNi Control and integrated with AGNi profiles
  • 20-02-2014 Update v2.7.1
    F2FS filesystem implementation ( /system /data /cache /preload automounted as ext4 or f2fs) | Using modified pegasusq from Perseus | cfg80211: Fix memory leak | added flexrate interface support for supporting governors | Revert "mmc: disable crc for better performance" to ensure data safety | added YankasusQ governor (Based on PegasusQ) | fixed non-boot issue after AGNi preloadSWAP turned on | AGNi ANYROM installer updated to v4.3 (now uses awk too) | added sysrw & sysro | new compiled busybox v1.23 with expanded features (1.7MB sized at /sbin) | added 1500 mA AC charging support | fix non boot on omni with f2fs | disabled background_gc for f2fs mounts | increased swap priority for preloadSWAP feature (now all 4 zrams + preload swap will have same priority) | Migrate to Stock WiFi driver | implemented async fsync | some modifications to dynamic fsync | ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimizations | backport: smp: patches from mainline 3.5 to hopefully help with hotpluging | backport SLUB from Linux 3.3 (thanks to faux123) | disabled ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER_AUTODETECT_OOM_ADJ_VALUE S
  • 08-03-2014 Update v2.7.2
    Disable Dynamic Fsync (seems to cause issues with Async Fsync) | Bring back original stock pegasusq (pegasusqplus is actually a renamed pegasusq from perseus) | switch to GCC 4.7.4 linaro cortex-a9 optimised toolchain | fix auto-installation of AGNi Control app | fixed zram0 not turning off when turning off Zrams by AGNi Control
    08-03-2014 Quick Minor Update v2.7.3
    - switch to GCC 4.8.3 linaro cortex-a9 optimised toolchain
    - added AGNi PhoneKill app (Experimental: it kills and doesnt have any UI)
    The network bars will be zero then will come back immediately as the killed process is auto started
    This is to test weather the post-call battery drain of ~2%/hour can be stopped by manually restarting the process instead of rebooting the device.
    You can safely uninstall it if not needed, unlike AGNi Control, it wont be autoinstalled on every boot.
  • 17-03-2014 Update v2.7.4 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Applied some f2fs related commits | REMOVED AGNi PhoneKill App (will be auto removed as well as it doesnt work and a real fix is out) | fixed "Encryption Unsuccessful" errors (now u can use /system as ext4 with /data as f2fs) | changed some mount options | completely removed ASYNC_FSYNC | added option to enable/disable dynamic fsync | added option to enable/disable on-boot filesystems checking (ext4/f2fs) log placed on internal storage | added option to delete battery stats on each boot | implemented AROMA GUI installer v2.70 RC2 with boeffla sound and wolfson sound selectables | added option to set selinux permissive or enforcing
  • 21-03-2014 Update v2.7.5 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Optimised code for FS_Checker and fstab handling for ext4/f2fs | set ROW as default from now on | Reduced F2FS active_logs from 6 to 2 | disabled Dynamic Fsync by default | set internalsd and externalsd read_ahead_kb to 512 & 1024 respectively | implemented Zzmoove v0.8 | [ R2: fixed fstab handler derp | fix: Cellular radio should be back now | iptables support ] | [ R3: LMK updated to stock sources | added ExternalSd USB UMS switching option | added all Zzmoove v0.8 profiles ]
  • 13-04-2014 Update v2.7.6 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    logger: reduce reserved memory | mm/page_io: remove duplicated compressed pages in memory | ARM: implement flush_cache_louis() | cpufreq: Manage only online cpus | sync cm kernel commits | CPU UV steps of -10mV (0 UV to -120mV) | reworked AGNi Profiles and backup/restore
  • 03-05-2014 Update v2.7.7 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    zram, zsmalloc, zcache, cleancache updated from 3.9 | updated lz4, lzo compressor/decompressor and crc32 algorithm | compiled by GCChf 4.9.1 linaro toolchain | reverted some commits | sync CM kernel updates | mm: fix memory management & CM CAMERA FIX (googyanas) | option to turn off touchkey light
  • 16-05-2014 Update v2.7.8 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Applied lot of newer f2fs commits | sync cm kernel sources | Implemented SLQB memory allocator | support for kernel mode NEON | applied many ARM-specific commits | arm/crypto: Add optimized AES and SHA1 routines | drivers/mmc: Update from SAMSUNG OSRC I9300 Update 13 | Implement Many Linaro Optimisations | Enable ARCH_POWER | fs/sdcardfs: Add sdcardfs support from SAMSUNG OSRC I9300 Update 13 | reduced active zrams to one and set 400MB default size | added AROMA option for disabling all kernel sound mods
  • 16-06-2014 Update v2.8.0 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    sync CM kernel sources | Zzmoove v0.9_beta1 | SAMSUNG OSRC SEA KK N7100XXUFND4 Important Updates - WiFi bcmdhd v1.28.19.28 to v1.141.15_1213_RC2 - VPN interceptor Update - VMWARE modules Update - exFAT v1.2.5 to v1.2.7 - sdcardfs (from 4.3 sources) & sdcardfskk (Kitkat update to sdcardfs) - SAMSUNG MODEM interface updates - QUALCOMM LTE MODEM updates - HID updates | Implement touchwake KnockON (arter97) | AGNi sdcard1<-->sdcard0 Switcher (extsd2intsd replacement for CM using sdcardfskk) | added 3072 read_ahead_kb option | fixed Agni Control settings restore and added forced init.d execution option without reboot
  • 18-06-2014 Update v2.8.1 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Make sure touchwake is not active when on call | fix derp arch/arm/mm/cache-l2x0.c | Finish merging in I9300 update12 display components | Zzmoove v0.9_beta2 | Fix CVE-2014-3153 | Completely revert all earlier stock source merges ( no time to finish bugs occuring in multiple devices ) except SAMSUNG OSRC SEA KK N7100XXUFND4 updates | Revert earlier linaro optimisations (those ones effectively reduced performance as per benchmarks) | fixed disabled touchkey light again turning on after reboot
  • 21-06-2014 Update v2.8.1_R2 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Revamp my ramfs structuring (now the ext4/f2fs status of partitions are ascertained and corresponding changes are made to fstab file on the fly and then they are mounted normally from it) | made changes to AGNi sdcard1<-->sdcard0 Switcher (using sdcardfs(from stock 4.3) instead of kitkat's sdcardfskk) | cleaned up my unused code in ramfs | WiFi Update from v1.141.15 to v1.141.44 [SCH-I605 NA OSRC KK Update]
  • 23-06-2014 Update v2.8.1_R3 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Further modifications to ramfs strutcuring | MALI: r3p2 rel3 -> r3p2 rel4 | earysuspend: speedup late resume (faster wakeup of the device)
  • 02-07-2014 Update v2.8.2 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Boeffla-Sound: Engine 1.6.6 | Implement Update BFQ v6r2 -> v7r2 I/O sched | More F2FS latest commits | added option in aroma installer to select alternative old wifi driver module
  • 06-07-2014 Update v2.8.3 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Introduce timer slack controller | fs: vfat: reduce the worst case latencies | Backport AIO from Linux 3.6.x | pegasusqplus modifications with firelock | some ARM specific commits | revert ramfs strutcuring to v2.8.1_R0
  • 16-07-2014 Update v2.8.4 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    update Mali r3p2-rel4 to SAMSUNG KitKat Source | Revert "ARM: 7006/1: Migrate to asm-generic wrapper support" | Revert "Introduce timer slack controller" | Revert "patch: add SLQB memory allocator by Nick Piggin" | futex: Prevent attaching to kernel threads | futex: Add another early deadlock detection check | cpuset: mm: reduce large amounts of memory barrier related damage v3 | Mdnie Hijack modifications by @gub
  • 06-10-2014 Update v2.8.9 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    workqueues: Introduce new flag WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT for power oriented workqueues | Implement Intelliactive governor (without intelliplug for now) | ext4: Add support for FIDTRIM, a best-effort ioctl for deep discard trim | Si47xx: properly free resources if failure to initialize | mdnie: Enable negative mode compatibility of newer MDNIE drivers | smdk4412: merge mali r4p0-rel0 driver (R4P0-nameless variant) | cpuidle-exynos4: calm down some logspam | Zzmoove Version 0.9 beta4 | mach-exynos: Support for current CPU temperature reading from Exynos4 TMU driver | ksm: Provide support to use deferred timers for scanner thread | ksm: check and skip page, if it is already scanned (Pradeep Sawlani) | Migrate to GCChf arm-cortex-a9 4.9.2 toolchain | Add "True CD-ROM emulation" support | ARM: smp: flush L1 cache in cpu_die() | ARM: 7606/1: cache: flush to LoUU instead of LoUIS on uniprocessor CPUs | ARM: 7752/1: errata: LoUIS bit field in CLIDR register is incorrect | cpuidle: Fix NULL pointer dereference during hotplug | ARM: add cpufreq transiton notifier to adjust loops_per_jiffy for smp | cpufreq: Fix policy stucking if user & kernel min/max don't overlap | cpuidle: make a single register function for all | timer: optimize apply_slack() | ARM: smp: Wait just 1 second for other CPU to halt | nohz: Reduce overhead under high-freq idling patterns | cpuidle: remove cross-cpu IPI by new latency request. | CPU hotplug, debug: detect imbalance between get_online_cpus() and put_online_cpus() | irq: Set CPU affinity right on thread creation | futex: Prevent attaching to kernel threads | freezer: shorten freezer sleep time using exponential backoff | intelliactive: predefine hispeed_freq | ext4: Speedup WB_SYNC_ALL pass called from sync(2) | net: Performance fix for process_backlog | n7100: jb_update3 --> kk_N7100XXUFND3 fs changes | Add "pegasusqpluso" CPU governor (unmodified but renamed pegasusqplus) | Boeffla Sound: v1.6.7 | LPM: Squash commit ::: s3cfb_ops: Attempt to fix LPM (off charging mode) graphics issue & samsung_battery: Attemp to fix LPM (off charging mode) with KitKat bootloader | LMK: bring back to stock Cyanogenmod version | Revert some commits | bcmdhd: minor change from N7100XXUFNI1 | fs/exfat: update to v1.2.9
  • 23-10-2014 Update v2.9.0 (ANYROM+AROMA)
    Implement kexec-hardboot | nohz: Fix update_ts_time_stat idle accounting (ZaneZam) | ZZmoove Version 1.0 beta1 | silence annoying kmsgs during core changes | Revert "ARM: add cpufreq transiton notifier to adjust loops_per_jiffy for smp" | Revert "PM: Introduce suspend state PM_SUSPEND_FREEZE" | Revert "readded wakelock: instead of directly going to suspend_mem, use the new suspend_freeze" | Update LTE and non-LTE modems from SAMSUNG OSRC I9305 EUR KK Update | Implement USB HID Keyboard/Mouse ROLE support for Android device from (needs supported APK from HERE)
  • 22-12-2014 Update v2.9.1_R2 (ANYROM+AROMA) (Kitkat-Lolypop)
    Mali R4P0 UMP: add back missing ioctl | deadline: Allow 0ms deadline latency | ext4: remove some debugging functions by Samsung & sync with | Input: Send events one packet at a time | fs: default to noatime/nodiratime | zzmoove v1.0 beta4 | Switch to GCChf 4.9.3 linaro cortex-a9 optimised toolchain | revert many commits | otg: when removing ED from readyQ also set flag | removed support for seliinux enforcing mode | Implement kexec-hardboot Updated | net/ipv4 updates | smdk4412: Import changes for mfc driver from latest n8000 KK sources | AGNi kernel patcher updated to v4.3.5

AGNi pureCM OC v3.0.3+ (like: CM12 | Nameless | RR) new builds. Available Now
(AGNi pureSTOCK v5.6 kernel based !)
  • 01-04-2015 Update v4.3.9 (ANYROM+AROMA) (Lollypop-NewBuilds) CM12+
    Total Power of AGNI pureSTOCK v5.5 | modified drivers of vibrator, touchkey and touchscreen in line with CM specific modifications. | Revert "net: Performance fix for process_backlog" | Revert "ext4: Speedup WB_SYNC_ALL pass called from sync(2)" | Revert "ARM: smp: Wait just 1 second for other CPU to halt" | cpu_pm: Add cpu power management notifiers | Rename touchwakee sysfs entries to prevent interferences from other rom/app controls | Revert "mali: update to drivers of" | Revert some mmc & mm changes from "SAMSUNG OSRC I9305 EUR KK Update" | Revert "cpuidle: remove cross-cpu IPI by new latency request." | Revert "timer: optimize apply_slack()" | Revert "cpufreq: Fix policy stucking if user & kernel min/max don't overlap" | Revert "cpuidle: Fix NULL pointer dereference during hotplug" | Revert "ARM: 7606/1: cache: flush to LoUU instead of LoUIS on uniprocessor CPUs" | Revert Mali changes from "SAMSUNG OSRC I9305 EUR KK Update" | ZZmoove Version 1.0 beta5 | Revert "Input: Send events one packet at a time" | net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add support for hidden ssid PNO scan | net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce scan dwell time only in power-save mode | net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce scan dwell time to reduce power | Made possible coexistence of Boeffla Sound and Wolfson Sound in single zImage with on the go switching from Agni Control | Partial power related reverts from I9305 Update | Revert fs related modifications from SAMSUNG OSRC I9305 Update | remove power supply,battery,charging updates from SAMSUNG OSRC I9305 Update (SOD fix) | mali r3p2: IGNORE MALI R3P2 rel 3 blobs API COMPATIBILITY CHECK - This disables the MALI API checking and assumes compatibility, thereby not resorting to black screen - now any r3p2 blobs are supported | samsung-battery : Implement a newer "Charge Level Interface v2" (andip71) | Touch to wake: Add option to keep touch-to-wake active all the time when connected to charger (andip71) | ignored "charger_softreg" wakeLocks for MAX77693 charger | mali blobs no longer shipped with kernel | Modifications to Charge Level Interface v2, samsung battery and max77693_charger (fixed 2000mA charging) | mdm: Update mdm | mm/ashmem.c: fixed a typo introduced by samsung | CIFS: force into modules | Offline charging bug fix for old bootloader and KK Stock by scholbert@xda | Backport random driver from Linux 3.19+ | Changes from | Revert support in fs/ for "mark_buffer_dirty_inode_sync" | Again cleanly Implement kexec-hardboot | pegasusqpluso set as default in AGNi Control


MY MODIFIED F2FS supported recovery :

TWRP v2.7.0 Modified : added f2fs support.

TWRP formats partitons to same filesystem as they were previously on, so to format from ext4 to f2fs or the other way round, u have to use these tools altleast once.

F2FS Format tools I9305 : LINK
EXT4 Format tools I9305 : LINK
WARNING: Formating /data with above format tools will wipe your entire internal storage in a single shot, so backup first

About LZ4 compression/decompression:
LZ4 is a very fast lossless compression algorithm, providing compression speed at 300 MB/s per core, scalable with multi-cores CPU. It also features an extremely fast decoder, with speed in GB/s per core, typically reaching RAM speed limits on multi-core systems.
ADVANTAGE OF LZ4 OVER SNAPPY = More BLAZING FAST speed with almost same marginal cpu usage for Zram


DOWNLOADS (v2.6a+)
DOWNLOAD (v2.5e CM11)

XDA:DevDB Information
AGNi Kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: Based on Cyanogenmod smdk4x12 Sources, upstreamed to 3.0.101 with selected picked mods/patches to be near to stock as possible.

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2014-01-18
Last Updated 2015-04-01
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CM Team
Adi & Team
AndiP for Boeffla App and other works
Yank555 for support
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Good Bro.
Good to see you Working Back on Xda.

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downloaded and working well after 25mins...
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Ah, great! A kernel for CM-based ROMs at last! Thanks, mate!
Just being curious, as you didn't state it in OP:
  • Is overclocking and/or undervolting supported?
  • Just flashing in recovery? Or any other preparations necessary?
  • As I just guessed it - it is for CM-based ROM, isn't it?

Anyway, the feature list is great to read through...
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One of the first things to do: try if it fixes the IMEI Issue like Perseus Kernel does on Stock JB

Sent from my GT-I9305 using xda premium
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Originally Posted by husky69

Ah, great! A kernel for CM-based ROMs at last! Thanks, mate!
Just being curious, as you didn't state it in OP:

  • Is overclocking and/or undervolting supported?
  • Just flashing in recovery? Or any other preparations necessary?
  • As I just guessed it - it is for CM-based ROM, isn't it?

Anyway, the feature list is great to read through...

over clocking and undervolting of cpu is supported
just simple recovery flashing
yes for CM 10.1 4.2.2

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Originally Posted by jjpro45

One of the first things to do: try if it fixes the IMEI Issue like Perseus Kernel does on Stock JB

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what imei issue??
edit: okay i have read about it.... it seems some permission issue relating to /efs probably ramsisk ...
can u confirm similar imei issue with this kernel?

Sent from I9300 CM 10.1 official 4.2.2 + AGNi pureCM v2.3 kernel
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