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Announcement from Senior_Limpio: Kitkat ROM loosely based off of SlimRoms sources. Extremely fast, stable, feature rich and battery friendly.

[ROM]** L-Droid v3.0.1 **[AOSP][4.4.4][Fast][Stable][SaberMod4.8][18/08/14]

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Default [ROM]** L-Droid v3.0.1 **[AOSP][4.4.4][Fast][Stable][SaberMod4.8][18/08/14]


By SeniorLimpio

DISCLAIMER! By downloading and installing this ROM you accept that your warranty is void and that I am in no way responsible for any damage or data loss that may incur.



L-Droid is a rom loosely based off of SlimRoms AOSP sources with various sources picked from other great developers. I have spent the last 6 months putting together a ROM for my Galaxy S3 that I could use as a daily driver and also contains all the features I like on my phone. This rom comes with all the bells and whistles but without taking a hit on battery life. I do this on my spare time and absolutely love it so I hope you'll like my work. As I am just setting up my thread I will add more detail on this later. If at any point you have a bug or a feature request to point out, I would be more than willing to look into it as long as I have a logcat or source code to work with. Enjoy!


Active display
Gesture anywhere
Lock screen Notifications
SlimRoms navigation bar
Floating window multi-tasking [WIP]
QS drawer and Ribbons
Fully customizable status bar (clock, battery, icons, colour)
Breathing notifications
8 lock screen targets
Lock screen shortcuts
Customizable notification panel header
App sidebar
Circle app bar
Driving mode
Customizable recents panel (SlimRecents or stock recents)
Complete animation control
Battery saver mode
Wakelock blocker
Integrated Xposed frameworks
Init.d control
Build.prop control
On the go
And many more....


Coming from another ROM:

1. Take full Nandroid backup
2. Full wipe
3. Flash L-Droid
4. Flash kernel and Gapps
5. Wipe caches
6. Reboot

Upgrading from previous version:

1. Take full Nandroid (if desired)
2. Flash L-Droid
3. Flash kernel (Gapps as well if you don't have a back up script)
4. Wipe caches
5. Reboot



- v2.2.0

- Android 4.4.4_r1
- Updated Portuguese translations. Thanks @Dou
- Added Protected Apps (This may not fully work as I have had a chance)
- Added heads up feature (once again this isn't fully tested)
- Themes: Theme immersive mode cling
- WallpaperCropper: include wallpapers from themes
- Fix PackageManagerService WTF in systemReady
- PackageManager: Fix logic around upgrading text display
- Add missing KitKat audio files and update makefile
- Do not launch floating window when on default launcher
- StatusBarView: Ensure to not overload in/out animations
- Correctly close IME keyboard if Calculator is launched
- Fix Early CCS bug
- Telephony: Dialpad key padding
- Add EventLog event for logging of attempts to call java.lang.Object.getClass
- Keyguard: update correctly track title and info if screen turns on
- Keyguard: don't try to fetch the badgeIcon if remoteClientPackage == null

- v2.1.7


- Fixed eject SD card not showing up in settings
- Fixed Dialer torch pulse!
- Fixed Torch tiles not showing up (now able to select torch shortcuts throughout)
- Fixed Hover tile long press FC
- Possibly fixed ART bootloop (Haven't had a chance to try. Please do a nandroid backup if you do try)
- Make hover tile flip
- Option to close notification panel on dismiss
- Add status bar and navigation bar to ThemesContract
- Add previews to the themes contract
- Revert "Vpn: Setup routes
- smdk4412-common: camera: Hold for 25 msec between preview cycles
- smdk4412-common: fix charging animation
- smdk4412-common: Fix google camera
- smdk4412-common: KitKat blobs
- smdk4412: Provide available freq sysfs for exynos (fixes performance settings CPU frequency slider)
- ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fix
- ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC
- Additional memset fix for gcc 4.8
- Compiled kernel with -Ofast optimisation
- Bring full ArchiDroid optimizations to kernel
- Compile frandom as module
- Boeffla-Sound: Engine 1.6.6
- cpufreq: Lulzactiveq governor (tweaked)
- ZZmoove 0.9 beta2 (official)
- samsung_battery: Charge level interface
- earysuspend: speedup late resume (faster wakeup of the device)
- binfmt_elf.c: use get_random_int() to fix entropy depleting (Jeff Liu )
- logger: Add sys fs kernel interface to configure Android logger
- Add iso mode settings to the CameraWrapper
- fix preview/camera crash after stopping video record

- v2.15 & v2.1.6

- Blacklist: Avoid crash when dialog dismissed via back button
- Slim Recents: Option to show topmost task
- Slim Recents: Always show topmost task collapsed
- Sensor: Enable the motion accelerometer for screen orientation change
- HOVER: Option to only show up in Fullscreen-Mode
- HOVER: Theme Engine compatibilities and some resources tweaks
- HOVER: Add QS Tile
- HOVER: Option to exclude topmost app
- Master switch to disable Hover
- Themes: Get resources with an explicit theme attached
- Don't log an error if we cannot open icon hash
- Fix DocumentsUI FC
- frameworks: Fix blacklist in floating notification launch with expanded desktop on
- Add UUID (re-)scan support for vold-mounted volume
- QuickRecord: Fix crash on other languages
- SystemUI: Update circle battery UI to be in line with CM
- quicksettings: allow flip animation on clicking a tile
- Revert swaprect feature for new upstream implementation
- frameworks/native: Propagate dirty region in hwc_layer
- SF: Add known programs to cache
- sf: Determine if virtual display can use HWC for composition
- Mms: disable SplitActionBar
- Themes: Set bounds on iconUpon
- tests: Hide new private APIs
- PackageManagerService: Prevent sending a SIGKILL while the device shutdown
- Keyguard: Distinguish the TextView id of pinEntry
- Fix resource leaks
- Fix wallpaper not applying to full screen (black navigation bar)
- Fix icon support for secondary users
- Don't create idmap if app doesn't have resources.arsc

- v2.1.4

- Added back lockscreen wallpapers (this is the old implementation and not through theme manager. You can find this in lockscreen settings in the vault. This is temporary until I can find a solution for the theme manager.)
- PEEK: Sensors improvements
- Hover: disallow notfications from currently active app
- Themes: Add categories to theme change intent.
- Floating window: Fix possible NPE (This does not fix the current fc when clicking outside a window.)
- Themes: Don't kill launchers that handle the theme change
- Themes: Don't set icons for iconpack that is applied.
- hwui: Always enable the scissor while composing layer
- listview: ensure active views are filled prior than scrap views
- CM11 Themes: Add support for composed icons
- TextView: Check also for mLayoutParams before calling checkForRelayout
- Option to show statusbar in expanded desktop
- Add CM Profiles
- Add Profiles to SlimActions
- QuickSettings: Added ProfileTile
- Dispatch keys to a device specific key handler
- Support GESTURE_SENSOR input device type with GestureService
- HOVER: Options to exclude non-clearable and low priority notifications
- Master switch to disable Hover
- HOVER: Option to disable HOVER-Button in StatusBar
- Set a number of build.prop tweaks as default
- STE OMX Fix (this should fix embedded video playback)
- audio:Avoid AudioTrackThread if Track creation fails
- stagefright: add ClockEstimator API and WindowedLinearFitEstimator
- Smooth out AwesomePlayer
- audioflinger: Stop resetting compress offload streams
- libstagefright: Fix incorrect comparison of mimetype
- libstagefright: Use channel count if channel mask is zero.
- libstagefright: Fix app crash during pcm offload playback

- v2.1.3

- Implemented PA hover. A very cool feature. Thanks to the Paranoid Android team and their hard work.
- Added camera tile in quick settings
- Added Trebuchet Launcher
- Added way to reset preferences for floating mode (located in Settings -> backup & reset)
- Multiple Audio/visual frameworks fixes
- Updated sources

- v2.1.2

- Fixed dialpad buttons not showing in lights out mode
- Fixed dialpad buttons not showing in call user interface
- Brought back app sidebar and contextual status bar headers
- Fixed lock screen icon misalignment
- Added compass tile to quicksettings
- Prevent NPE in TextView.checkForRelayout
- FW/B: check also for mLayoutParams before calling checkForRelayout
- settings: Enable location mode header switch
- MediaProvider: Deactivate the MiniThumbFile when it is not needed.
- MediaProvider: Clean up cursors in try/finally
- inputdevices: update from aosp (master)
- synchronize updateStringCache on mAccessLock
- Themes: Check CRC of APK MANIFEST.MF at install
- Themes: Avoid compiling icon packs every boot
- DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager
- DocumentsUI: Handle NPE gracefully
- DocumentsUI: Allow open files instead of URIs
- Fix crash when clicking a file from recents or downloads
- DocumentsUI: Remove catch-all statements
- Fix Icon size in DocumentsUI
- TRDS: Dark DocumentsUI
- Updated sources

- v2.1.1

- Fixed issue with Kernel bootloop should be resolved (I've noticed that slim AIO Gapps contains a buggy Google home launcher and doesn't install properly. I downloaded twice and same issue. Minimal Gapps is fine though and works well with TRDS.)
- Updated Halo drawable to be in line with Kitkat
- Add shortcut icons for Gmail and Snapchat
- MtpDatabase JNI: Fixed a memory-leak in getObjectPropertyValue().
- base: remove extra checks*
- SmoothProgressBar: update to v0.4.0
- sync status bar transparency state on theme change
- Don't cleanup overlay mapping for non-theme apps
- UsbDebuggingManager : Handle race condition when toggling rapidly
- Themes: uninstallThemeForAllApps shouldn't check if map is empty if*it's null
- Reduce memory leaks by removing all views.
- Themes: Update last postFinish call
- fw: media: Handle NPE due to threading race
- WallpaperCropper: do not display null bitmaps
- Themes: Delete icon resources during uninstall
- Make theme change broadcast a protected broadcast.
- Themes: Handle apps using "original-package" tag
- Themes: Add '|' delimited list of components to broadcast
- Cleanup app->{theme1,theme2...} mapping on uninstall
- SystemUI: Swipe to float for notifications and recents (very much a work in progress but something we'll try out. I've noticed a few apps don't like this and fc)
- Add on-the-spot user preference dialog

- v2.1.0

- Android 4.4.3_r1.1
- Updated download links in download centre to Gapps 4.4.3
- Re-added Identicons
- Re-added partition info
- Move mobile network settings to main settings page
- Added back Performance controls for now
- Updated to @JustArchi optimizations v3
- Fixed issue with exFAT sd cards not mounting
- Introduced some Linaro toolchain optimisations
- Added changelog to about section in settings (this function looks up the last 5 days of my github account, it can take a while to load)
- Some camera updates
- Updates to kernel tweaker
- Updated sources

- v2.0.0 Beta2

- Re-added Driving Mode
- Re-added brightness slider
- Re-added Init.d and Propmodder
- Re-added Download Centre
- Re-added CPU info overlay
- Fixed a few settings NPEs and force closes
- Fixed addon.d support (addon scripts should work properly again)

- v2.0.0 Beta:

- Completely rebased off of SlimKat sources.
- New boot animation by @ayoubadri. Thanks a lot for that!
- Added CM11 theme chooser
- Fully fixed floating window mode
- Fixed QS ribbons (now they are properly linked and unlink from QS drawer and they are also much smaller)
- Added battery bar
- Fixed wallpaper cropper blurring images
- Removed Performance Controls and added Kernel Tweaker. (provides you with a little more control over system and kernel)
- Added multi user support (haven't fully tested so may be buggy)
- Fixed IME animations not working properly
- Fixed progress bar interpolater not working properly
- Added alternate resolver for app picking grid
- Fixed recents background colour. (Have temporarily removed option to change background colour as this was the cause. I'll try to re-add it later.)
- Added in multiple bluetooth and audio fixes. Too much to remember
- Re-arranged settings a bit
- Removed Titanium Backup from build as this was causing some users some problems
- Temporarily removed some features until I add them back
- Numerous other fixes and additions that I do not remember. This was a big change of over 700 commits so if you are curious take a look at my github.

- v1.0 - Official release:

- Fixed battery around lock ring
- Fixed pocket mode in LN
- Fixed battery light settings not showing up (SlimKat by default has this turned off in the main config file)
- Added download speed in notifications
- Added pause/resume/stop function in download notifications
- Fixed cursor leak in download provider
- Moved to stable release

- v1.0 Beta 4:

- Added camera library fix v5.0 by @RohanAJoshi, Thanks!
- Added Download section. Direct links in settings to download Gapps, Xposed and more. (WIP: with stock browser DL begins, but browser will force close. This does not affect the download, but will be something I will work on.)
- Fixed lockscreen handle not saving custom image.
- Fixed clear cached locations when location providers disabled Bug: 12118307.
- AlarmManagerService: Fix the delay of ACTION_TIME_CHANGED for time-services.
- Fix socket descriptor leak from Zygote to child app.
- Fixed audio: Volume can't adjust during HFP call when screen is off.
- Bluetooth: use virtual sco calls for VOIP
- Bluetooth: Unbind only in case of OFF state
- Bluetooth: Adds check to verify Bluetooth adapter state
- Bluetooth: HF: Control verbose logging at runtime.
- Updated sources.

- v1.0 Beta 3:

- Hopefully really fixed root this time for everybody. It's worked for me on a dirty and clean install so fingers crossed.
- Added native exFAT support to stock kernel
- Added overclocking abilities to stock kernel (1600 and 1700 MHz)
- Decreased wakelock times with stock kernel
- Added GPU and CPU control with stock kernel
- Enabled frandom support in stock kernel
- Added zzmoove governor to kernel
- Removed theme style from security settings
- Temporarily removed Xposed installer from settings
- Upgrade Boeffla config app to newest version
- Upgrade Xposed Installer to newest version (find in app drawer for now)
- Fixed memory leak in camera app
- Revamped the OP and added screenshots
- Update sources

- v1.0 Beta 2:

- Fixed broken root.
- Fixed floating window mode. Apps now correctly stay in floating mode.

- v1.0 Beta 1:

This is the first realease on XDA. Please have a look at my sources or just try it out as everything is new on this rom


L-Droid downloads


I would like to give the following special recognition for providing me the tools and inspiration to work on my first ROM.

- @SlimRoms for their excellent base and starting point for L-Droid
- @ayoubadri for creating this awesome boot animation
- @temasek for his awesome ROM and his help along the way
- @JustArchi for his help in various scripting and build optimising ideas
- @Lord Boeffla for his great kernel that I will eventually be pairing up with L-Droid
- @Dragon7780 For various cherry-picks and ideas
- @RohanAJoshi for his fixed camera library for our device

Thanks also to the CM team, C-Rom, crDroid, Omnirom and Paranoid Android for their various source commits.

XDA:DevDB Information
L-Droid, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: Samsung Galaxy SIII [i9300]
Based On: AOSP [Slimkat]

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.0.1
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-18

Created 2014-05-18
Last Updated 2014-08-18
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Default Reserved

Known issues:

1. Bootloops with Googy max kernel 2. This will never work, sorry.
2. Current bootloop with ART.
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[Reserved 2]
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Could add some screen shots a bit of details about its features and ad on.

I will try and will report back with my feedback. Thanks for Hardwork!

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I really wanna download this, as I am in search of new ROMs, wanted to try Slim again, but I love ROMs with tons of features (as this is promised to be :-? ). But where is the download link ? Hope this turns out in another great ROM for this phone
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By SeniorLimpio
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SD: 32GB SanDisk
BATTERY: Stock 2100mAh/ Extended 4800mAh
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Always remember to search before posting. Your issue has most likely been listed before and it keeps the flames away!
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Link is coming shortly. Just finishing up OP. You guys are quick.
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