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Announcement from Kryten2k35: 4.3 Released! Enjoy :D

[ROM][1st Jan] UltimaROM v16.0 Typhoon[4.3][ML2][HD-VOICE][GPE][SAM/AOSP]

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Default [ROM][1st Jan] UltimaROM v16.0 Typhoon[4.3][ML2][HD-VOICE][GPE][SAM/AOSP]

The AROMA installer is being used to give you the choice of what is installed. You can choose which, if any, system apps to install

No need to wipe data in CWM/TWRP beforehand. Can be done from the installer. You may wipe System, Data and SDCard, or a combination of those.

Installer will automatically clear dalvik cache and cache!

CWM 6+ or TWRP 2.X.X.X Recommended. CWM5 is not compatible.

Official XXUGML2 4.3 Jellybean.
True AOSP style
AROMA Installer 2.70RC1
OTA Updates
Good battery life
Many Kernels Included
Bloatware Remover Option
Essential Apps included, Install optional
Custom Launchers Option
Build.prop Tweaks
Latest SuperSU and su binary
Updated System/Stock apps

Google Keyboard
Google Launcher
AOSP/Samsung Messaging Option
Google E-Mail
Google/Samsung Contacts & Phone (in call screen) Option
AOSP/Samsung Browser Option
Google Desk Clock
Google Play Edition 4.4.2 Camera and Gallery option (flash fixed)
Samsung Camera and Gallery option

UltimaROM Themed Apps
Google Play Store Holo
YouTube Holo
Dropbox Holo
Google Mail (GMail) Holo
Google Calendar Holo
Google Play Music Halo
And many more

Google Quick Settings
Wake Lag Fix
Custom Boot Animations
CRT Animation
Call Recording Option (Samsung only)
Hostname Changing
No SMS receipent limit/MMS conversion
No SMS in Call log (Samsung Only)
Colour changes and transparency options for Statusbar
On-screen Navigation Bar option

UltimaROM on the web



XDA:DevDB Information
UltimaROM - A perfect blend of Samsung and AOSP features , a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: GT-i9300
Based On: Samsung/AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v16.0
Stable Release Date: 2014-01-01
Beta Release Date: 2013-12-24

Created 2013-09-07
Last Updated 2014-01-02
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Default Reserved



Wipe if you're coming from a different base, ROM or you have issues.

Please do NOT make mirrors

UltimaROM v16.0 Typhoon - 650MB

MD5: 59f2702dda3819924839805d4fb0a11a

  1. Copy the UltimaROM file to your Galaxy S3's internal SD card.
  2. Turn off your Galaxy S3.
  3. Boot into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding down the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  4. Make a NANDroid Backup by selecting Backup and Restore. Select Backup.
  5. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Confirm the action on the next screen.
  6. Select Install ZIP from SD card.
  7. Select Choose ZIP from SD card and then select the UltimaROM file.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  9. Select Reboot System Now.
Thanks AndroidAuthority

You can also check out this video by DeviceCustomiser :)

Additional Files:

Mods Downloads Section
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Default Issues

Make suggestions using the Feature Request of DevDB

  • The User icon in the Quick Settings FC's Contacts if using the Samsung Contacts - looking for a workaround - works fine on the Google Contacts.
  • The GPE Gallery and Camera doesn't allow you to change the Lockscreen Wallpaper. Google devices do not independently set the Lockscreen Wallpaper and therefore the gallery lacks this option - Use the Samsung Gallery, alternatively, isntall both and hide the one you don't use in your launcher (if you use a third party launcher).
  • Any MMS sending problems, though rare, you must wipe and install again. I don't know any solution for this, you could try resetting your APN. "Service not Activated" messages are tough to deal with. I can only get it working against after a reinstall
  • Clearing to factory settings in recovery seems to cause FC's on boot. The only option is to reinstall.

Using the Xposed App:
  • Run the Xposed Installer - Tap "install/Update".
  • Tap "Modules" and check the App Settings tickbox.
  • Reboot
  • Use the Xposed App Settings

OR check this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=7082


No more questions or comments about free RAM. You will be ignored. Read this and read it carefully because it says all that needs to be said. There is no RAM leak. There is no issue with the amount of RAM used. It is supposed to be used: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=12393
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UltimaROM - v16.0 Typhoon
  • Rebased to Android 4.3
  • Removed Samsung bloat
  • Included xposed and GravityBox as default, since it has ALL the mods we used to have (except some colour stuff, which I will work on, if necessary. Though I don't want to make the ROM a colouring book).
  • Added AOSP Lockscreen
  • Added Ripple Lockscreen with Ink
  • Added Watercolour Lockscreen
  • Added Lense Flare Lockscreen
  • Added Transparent Statusbar setting in UltimaROM Settings
  • Added FULLY stock Google SystemUI
  • Added AOSP and Samsung Contacts + Phone
  • Added AOSP and Samsung Messaging
  • Added Blocking Mode notification removal
  • Added Call recording options (Samsung Phone and Contacts ONLY)
  • Added Zero Wake Lag mod
  • Added another theme to the UltimaROM settings - Holo Light Dark ActionBar - just for fun
  • Added Wifi Band Switcher
  • Added USB Mass Storage Enabler
  • Added AdAway
  • Added Chronus
  • Added FasterGPS
  • Added ES File Explorer
  • Themed Settings
  • Themed Framework-res
  • Themed Gallery and Camera AOSP style
  • Included Google Gallery and Camera - Flash working properly on camera, no more FC.
  • Included Google 4.3 Launcher
  • Removed S-Voice - Doesn't cause odd home button behaviour

UltimaROM - v15.1 Titan
  • Fixes the Multiwindow unlimited apps not working
  • Fixes the volume panel timeout issue
  • Adds proper battery icon colour changing based on level
  • Fixed internal2externalsd mod and the UltimaROM settings not working correctly
UltimaROM - v15.0 Titan
  • Updated to latest Samsung Firmware XXEMH1
  • Optimised ALL PNG's in ALL apps
  • Fixed Stock Kernel issues
  • Fixed the AOSP Phone.apk - Fixing the Mobile Networks option in the settings, Access to APN settings and adds compatibility with the 2G toggle for the 25 Power Toggles
  • Fixed the stock Gallery not being installed with the GPE camera.
  • Fixed TouchWiz installation not installing chosen transparency settings
  • Fixed Samsung Service Menu when dialling *#*#197328640#*#* not showing when using AOSP Phone
  • Fixed Calendar theming for themed version (clock, recurring date picker and settings)
  • Fixed AOSP Vibration setting now looks correct (on for on, off for off)
  • Fixed Samsung Icons in Settings (now gone, as they should be!)
  • Fixed Titanium Backup FC on boot
  • Fixed Settings app icons (now change appropriately when light theme selected
  • Fixed AOSP Contacts Event creation FC (can now set birthdays and so on).
  • Fixed Google Calendar "Select Calendars to Display" not being themed Holo Dark.
  • Fixed MX Player startup - no longer askes to download codecs
  • Removed 4.1.2 S-Voice. The 4.2.2 is exactly the same, but darker. So no need to have two options.
  • Removed Siyah Kernel - It's old, outdated and there are better ones base don it.
  • Changed Wallpaper app - now built from source. Yay for easy editing!
  • Changed the Wallpaper App to save with the filename, rather than the current date - better readability
  • Changed the Wallpaper App to save images in a folder for each category
  • Changed the Wallpaper App to save images in the "All" Category with the author name instead of "All"
  • Changed SystemUI signal icons cluster to match AOSP - more compact and therefore better, imho
  • Changed AOSP Mms themed version a little. Some widget colours were wrong.
  • Changed AOSP Contacts theme a little. Changed some colours to make it look like a proper Theme.Holo app.
  • Changed MIUI file Explorer for one that's more Holo-like
  • Changed Settings App Theme picker
  • Changed Settings App layout to try and be more logical
  • Changed Boot Animation picker, added some settings to it
  • Changed the method for enabling the Navigation Bar (Onscreen Buttons) no longer require build.prop editing, all handled in code.
  • Changed default Launcher for UltimaROM Standard to the Nexus/Stock Launcher
  • Unique Icon for Settings, OTA and Wallpaper apps
  • Reverted the TWRP theme to the old one. New one causing issues. You will need to delete the TWRP folder on your SDcard before you can flash the ROM
  • Added Googy Kernel to installer
  • Added Launcher Icon to Wallpaper app
  • Added Hostname editor in Setings App (UltimaROM Settings--Mods--Device Hostname)
  • Added Moto X Wallpapers to app
  • Added Volume Panel timeout
  • Added NFC Mod back in (sorry, didn't know it still worked!)
  • Added white message bubbles for AOSP MMS and Google Hangouts
  • Added Extended Power Menu Toggle - Yep, it's back and it works now.
  • Added several lockscreen weather icon sets
  • Added AOSP Keyboard mod for numbers row (Thanks Maxniper)
  • Added Menu button in Lockscreen option (turns on or off the menu button to unlock the device on slide lockscreens).
  • Added Email Security toggle in mod settings for Samsung E-Mail (AOSP Doesn't have this issue)
  • Added Pie Control - Find in Settings
  • Added Power Toggle... Toggle. Choose Stock or 25 Toggles without rebooting!
  • Added SideBar Plus
  • Added two new Boot animations (thanks to Droidshift79)
  • Added numerous new wallpapers for UltimaROM
  • Added Xperia Lockscreen
  • Added OpenVPN binary
  • Updated Kernels
  • Updated Themed apps
  • Updated Google apps and Misc apps
  • Updted Xposed Installer
  • Optimised UltimaROM Settings app, severely reduced size
  • Probably more!
UltimaROM - v14.0.1 Shiva
  • Fixes stock MMS installation problems and Phone/Messaging force closes on boot
UltimaROM - v14.0 Shiva
  • Offical Samsung XXEMG4
  • Fixed Google Now button incorrectly displaying on AOSP Lockscreen.
  • Fixed AOSP Contacts not recording the call log correctly - requires AOSP Phone.apk
  • Fixed some more theme images. More AOSP, less TouchWiz.
  • Fixed Battery icon transparency causing FC's (Thanks GoldieKing)
  • Fixed Stock Battery icon size
  • Fixed SGS4 UI Sounds
  • Fixed Mic/Audio problems on first boot, that required a reboot or cache clear. This was related to the lack of a boot sound - Thanks AndiP
  • Fixed Missing SPlanner Widget in certain cases
  • Fixed EFS Backup not working properly. Now backs up once every 48 hours.
  • Themed more closely to CyanogenMOD.
  • Changed SGS4 S-Voice app for the SGS3 S-voice app 4.2.2. Same thing, just black instead.
  • Changed Recent Apps screen (transparent background - themed buttons).
  • Changed permissions on scripts folder in UltimaROM folder... You cannot delete this. It is necessary for mods to work.
  • Changed Torch app images, added Launcher icon and themed to Holo style.
  • Changed AOSP Sounds to 4.3 (Official Google, but same thing essentially).
  • Changed TWRP Holo theme to a much better one by z31s1g(actually ahs dedicated buttons for MicroSD/sdcard when install. So handy!)
  • Added AOSP Phone.apk
  • Added Google Play Edition boot animation and my own GPE SGS3 boot animation.
  • Added Google Play Edition Sun Beam Live Wallpaper (FPS fixed by me).
  • Added Google Play Edition Camera/Gallery.
  • Added Google Play Edition UI Sounds
  • Added Volume Down button now cycles to Vibrate, then Silent (as per ICS).
  • Added Scolling wallpaper and rotation toggle to TouchWiz Launcher (toggle in Advanced Settings).
  • Added UltimaROM Wallpapers app (replaces the need for wallpapers in the installer or ROM).
  • Added Flashify app
  • Added tabbed settings - This is how the 4.2.2/4.3 ROM will be.
  • Added Samsung GO (comes with XXEME2, isn't on the market).
  • Added new Google Maps app
  • Added Calculator options (stock or Google)
  • Added my Prime Number Calculator app for stress testing/benchmarking your CPU
  • Added SuperSU no nag apk (stops it nagging about Pro). Please consider supporting Chanfire and buying Pro (I have).
  • Added Zipalign runs once a week on boot.
  • Added EFS Backup runs once every 48 hours on boot.
  • Added AOKP Battery icon #2
  • Added/Fixed Battery icon text now shows for ALL battery icons and thus is user configurable
  • Updated apps (GMail, Google Play Videos, etc). Anything included.
  • Updated Kernels
  • Updated Apollo
  • Updated AROMA to 1.706B - Smoother less error prone. Will improve the installer experience when it's out of beta
  • Removed Video Editor. Doesn't work properly.
  • Removed "Display Battery Percentage" from Settings->Display, since it is now defunct.
  • Removed zipalign option from Settings app. Zipaign now automatic on boot.
  • Totally reworked the Settings app from the source. Added Boot animation selection and copying. Fixed ListPreferences not updating the summary once a choice was made. Made it much more versitile for our needs on UltimaROM and saving myself a lot of work and hassle in the long run. BIG THANKS to ficeto of AllianceROM for giving me the source code
UltimaROM - v13.0 Ramuh
  • Updated to latest Jelly Bean Firmware XXEMD3
  • Updated ALL Mods to XXEMD3 base
  • Added 1% Battery Mod to Advanced Settings
  • Added AOSP Contacts and Dialler
  • Added HTC Lockscreen
  • Added Rotary Lockscreen
  • Removed Bottom 25 Toggles postion
  • Added Transparent/Colour Notification picker
  • Added Alarm Icon Toggle
  • Added Tab Slider and AOSP styled Tab Slider Lockscreen
  • Added Battery Bar
  • Added Toggles, Signal Icon and Battery Colour chooser
  • Removed many things from the installer to save space. Xperia Z Keyboard, WeatherLove Widget (get from market), LG Weather
  • Rotating Lockscreen removed as it messes with newer Lockscreens (sorry!)
  • Fixed S4 icons
  • Fixed S4 Sounds
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated a number of other apps
  • Updated and fixed Samsung Link
  • Added Google Hangouts (replacing Talk) and themed version.
  • Removed Swipe Dialler (unnecessary now with the AOSP Contacts)
  • Stock Google 4.1.2 Calculator replaces Samsung one (smaller, better RAM footprint)
  • Added Video Editor from Nexus 7 ROM
  • Fixed AOSP Vibration and IME Toggle (no longer have to toggle on and off to make it work)
  • Added Wakelag fix toggle - read the information carefully and decide if it's for you. YMMV.
  • Fixed Lockscreen torch. Now you hold the home button to activate. The screen doesn't go off while you have the Torch running.
  • Fixed Call Recording mod (including the delay). You can now switch off the recording button.
  • Added battery full notification toggle and low battery warning toggle.
  • Added TricksterMOD app for configuring Kernels (alongisde their respective apps, if any)
  • Added Blocking Mode toggle in settings
  • Added ExternalSD2InternalSD toggle in settings
UltimaROM - v12.1 Phoenix[list][*] Fixed Google Clock alarm issue[*] Fixed Bar without text toggles problem[*] Fixed EFS Backup[*] Added New 25 Toggle Position[*] Added New Pin/Password unlock toggle (Advanced Settings)[*] Implemented Long Press Kill Toggle[*] Possible Kies fix. Please try it out.[*] Refined Volume2Skip into Music Control[*] Extended Power Menu now a default feature[*] Added Galaxy S4 Icons[*] Added Galaxy S4 UI Sounds & Ringtones (ripped from the leak - many are similar)[*] Changed around the Settings app a little[*] Updated Snote to XXDME1 by Or1m[*] Updated JB Domination 2.0[*] Updated AOSP MMS to 4.2.2 (Privacy mode, custom vibration, etc)[*] Updated Google Calendar Themed to match the stock one and rethemed it a little(more AOSP-like). Only catch is the settings page is white. Nothing I can do.[*] Updated GoogleNow! No more updating manually :)[*] Updated Xposed App Settings 0.4[*] Updated Google Play Store 4.1.6[*] Themed GoogleNow[*] Themed Google Chrome[*] Updated Kernels
Earlier log can be found here: http://ultimarom.com/changelog/
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  • Master Vertumus - For your awesome theme work
  • VillainROM Team - For the VRT System
  • Amarullz - For Aroma Installer
  • wanam - For the base ROMs and many mods
  • Darkside Agent - For your guidance, AOSP help and much more!
  • anbech - For the custom boot animation enabler
  • therazrguy - For the ripped Moto bootanimation
  • Rujelus22 - For the base some of the inverted apps
  • JaiThemes - For the wallpapers
  • raubkatze - For some battery icons
  • pkoper - For the original Bokeh Animation & UltimaROM Poly FX
  • gokhanmoral and AndreiLux - For the awesome Kernels
  • Greg White - For Tweaked SD Watcher
  • torxx - For 1% battery mod images
  • AndiP - For the Extended Power Menu
  • marcellocord - CWM Touch and data wipe help
  • danieldmm - For the working call recording mod
  • asc366 - For your help on various things
  • FrankZZ - For your help testing and hosting!
  • ivarson_swe - For your help with hosting!
  • sorg - For the CRT-Off Animation and Smart Rotation
  • D3HuM4NiZ3D - MegaBassBeats Mod
  • acquariusoft - OTA Updater
  • mattadj - Internal2ExternalSD
  • gunthermic - For helping me brainstorm regarding theming!
  • hyperX - HX Camera Mod
  • Scott - romhut.com
  • SabrWolf - AOSP Lockscreen
  • Gyebro - Resizable Popup Browser
  • Aoi_sora9x - for the UltimaROM Droid boot animation and graphics
  • mythtrandyr - Ink Lockscreen Colour changer, Auto Call recording mod
  • rickythefox & Chris_84 - Headphones Shortcuts
  • Cristiano Matos - 23 Toggles
  • LegendK95 - MultiWindow Mod & Control App
  • cyanisblue - MultiWindow theme
  • Didact74 - AOSP Lock ScreenToggle, Extra Icons, Clock settings, statusbar transparency and Lockscreen Torch and much more!
  • sotmax - Note I Torch Widget
  • winuxguy - Ripple Live Wallpaper APK
  • Difusal - Modded MMS.apk
  • artyfarty - For the RIL tip
  • IganKuhz - Ink Preview Images
  • KIMBASINGER - Modded Accuweather
  • UOT Kitchen - Some of the battery icons
  • rovo89 and Tungstwenty - Xposed Framework
  • loserskater - AOSP MMS fix, proper VolumetoSkip implmentation, statusbar and clock colour/transparancy
  • shoman94 - JB MediaScaner Fix
  • AndroidGX - Lite Camera
  • droidphile - STweaks Profile Backup
  • Tamerlan2009 - Sense Recent Apps
  • Neme77 - 2G Toggle Guide & Resources
  • androidsoul - Droid DNA Wallpapers
  • blgblade - Asus Weather Widget and Live Wallpaper
  • OliG - Battery icon creator
  • AllianceROM - CustomSettings (UltimaROM Settings)
  • Shoman - CRT Toggle implmentation
  • sam77744 & zoot1 - Galaxy S4 S-Voice
  • djembey - HD-Voice
  • xDroidH - S4 Themed Accuweather Widget and Main
  • AllianceROM - Point of reference for the colour chooser code
Thanks to Donators
  • Coreym
  • DonHuan
  • Litakely
  • soukyaki
  • shorty1483
  • S Roy
  • D Janz
  • zoomee
  • Cabuchola
  • S Gamberini
  • P Osiadacz
  • Williz
  • darge0flex
  • Rakkesh27
  • basheerica
  • bobik666
  • DirtyWizard
  • G Whellams
  • M Purdy
  • W Muller
  • S Rapp
  • A M Bousefield
  • L Legrenzi
  • S Ellis
  • M Long
  • Steve301187
  • T Bordais
  • rickSIII
  • T van Hak
  • W Schoot
  • M Perner
  • G Burghall
  • A Smith
  • C Thorogood
  • Boldizzle
  • A M Junaidi
  • tranxilium
  • R Vermey
  • S Serobabov
  • B Marragou
  • i.amtom
  • P Andrea
  • M Starzyk
  • S Shahidan
  • J Patel
  • J Chickoree
  • O Balek
  • D Kanngieber
  • artyfarty
  • K Jeyalingam
  • M Alishanov
  • nigol
  • N Urmonas
  • M Kinces
  • brojoe11
  • J Saunders
  • B Miell
  • Schniz2
  • D Whooley
  • V Schett
  • P G Domingo
  • InevitableDJ
  • dani.nedan
  • D Helfrich
  • bazz7777777
  • M Reit
  • Androidrobbus
  • BobInFL
  • A Henkes
  • paphko

If I missed anyone, let me know
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you`re welcome !!!
my first thanx will come across with the download link
thanx provided , download in progress ... slowly but surely !
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Thank you for new modify rom...I will test its as soon as...
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Link is up
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I will download rom for test....
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Originally Posted by tkpamorn View Post
I will download rom for test....
Thanks I've been testing/making it for a couple of weeks and I was almost sure I'd ironed out any kinks in the installer and such. The ROM is very stable, but I find the Siyah 1.6.1 Kernel not to be so stable myself. Included it so others can use it if they wish. Hopefully, gokhanmoral can sort this! I'm using the stock kernel until I find Siyah is stable again. Shouldn't be long I think!


Let me know how the download speed is

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