Default [HOWTO] Soultion to Battery Issues After Restoring EFS

People experience battery drain issues after restoring their EFS and have no clue why. I did too for several months until I found out the solution. I think many people are not correctly setting permissions after restoring. You may be able to make calls but you will still experience crazy multipdp and wlan wakelocks. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution that will solve this problem.

Connect via ABD or install Terminal Emulator from the PlayStore.
Type in the following commands:

chmod -R 777 /efs <--- (Keep in mind, the R has to be uppercase.)

That's it. If you check the efs folder, you'll see that everything in the efs folder is accessible. Although, it isn't the most elegant solution, your phone will at least have access to everything it needs for it to operate correctly. You'll see a dramatic increase in battery life if you hadn't restored permissions previously.