Question [Q] Miui V5

I am using this ROM

This ROM is very stable and the only major issue I have had is the virus scanner does not work on my phone so had to uninstall it with a root uninstaller. Other issues include GPS being very slop to find my location and 4g signal strength bar not showing any signal strength.

I have tried Crancker's OTA updates but the big issue on my phone is that these remove my power button menu and before you say it I know you can disable it but it is not disabled in the settings also the OTA does not work on my phone.

I have found Lo-P's rom

which is very good and like very much but is a bit out of date and I know they have stopped porting this ROM now but I followed their instructions to a T for porting the ROM for the GT-I9300 and have one big problem that Google apps makes the ROM reboot when it goes to install any apps.

Has anyone had these issues and found a way to fix them?