Default [Q] Sudden Camera death


I read though thousends of posts by now but I couldn't find a solution for my pronlem
My camera isn't working any more
I was using the 4.8 version of Sentinel rom ( There everything was fine. Than I flashed the update to 5.0 version of this rom and since than my camera is dead. I just get a black screen when I start it.*I tryed a lot to get it back working but nothing has been working so far.*I tryed the reflash sentinel, I flash other cams I flash other roms. On one of the other roms the phone said: "Can't connect to camera" or something like that. So I restored sentinel because nothing worked.
I always cleaned the memory of the phone (wipe cache and so on) befor each try.
Now I have no idea what to do.

Hope someone got a solution for me