Default 4.3 + root = dont want ecrypt

Good day!
I have a strange problem, After upgraded from 4.1.2 to 4.3 (i tryed XWUGML4 and XXUGML2) and rooted device (from odin PC)(used and other) i cant encrypt device.
My steps:
1. Wipe data/cache
2. Install 4.3 (odin PC)
3. simple configure
4. Install root (odin PC)
5. Install password on lock screen
6. Plugin power cable
7. Try encrypt
8. Phone was reboot and nothing. Phone asking password only when it complete booted.
9. Go to security menu and see what phone is not encrypt.

When i was install 4.3 and try encrypt phone i have no problem.
I think what when i install root something goes wrong. Maybe root change files. At 4.1.2 i dont have this problem


upd. after permanent delete root encryption is work(