Default [4.4.2] Rec. and ADB Screen recording very laggy

CyanogenMod 11 M5 is great, no doubt about that, performance is better, it's way cleaner and streamlined, less bloated and the latter...
It's been a few days probably, almost a week since I've been using CM11, it's somewhat stable, but after digging across the new features and whatnot, I came across one small hiccup.

Screen recording is VERY LAGGY.

For a phone that sports the following specs:
  • 1.4GHz Quad Core Exynos 4412 Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Mali-400MP4 GPU
and the rest which I'm too lazy to type...

I find it difficult to believe that the phone would be so laggy, close to an unusable state in screen-recording mode, I've tried other apps like screencast (am I right?) and REC. (one of the most popular kitkat recording apps) but all seems to have the same very laggy results.

I've used the ADB method (which I believe is the one also used by REC.) in kitkat which is really laggy as well.

Tried workarounds:
- Rebooting
- Setting minimum clock to 1.4GHz

Video showing how laggy the device is in screen recording mode:

I also saw another guy using an S3, but a different version (SH-i747)
The only main difference between the int'l version and his version is that the SH-i747 has 2GB of RAM, a (lower) dual core processor, and (not sure if better or not) Adreno 225 GPU

I really really really hope you guys could help with this prob, I don't really see why screen recording is so slow with a phone at this arsenal. Please do help, much appreciated

Device Info:
  • Device: Galaxy S3 int'l [GT-i9300]
  • ROM: CM11 M5
  • Kernel: Stock CM
  • Android Version: Kitkat 4.4.2