Question [Q] Adobe Flash on CM11/I9300 ?

Dear Android Fans,
I have searched a lot and not found a working solution yet. I have seen postings in that area though ... therefore I'm posting here, hoping that I did not miss anything:

I have a S3 I9300 with CM11 (Build cm_i9300-userdebug 4.4.2 KOT49H InstallerXNPQ08Q, Build date 19-Feb-2014 17:25:29).
I aim to visit websites having flash (e.g. [URL=""]Adobe's Test page[/URL or a site I often visit).

I have followed the step by step guideline without success. Repeated it multiple times to ensure that I did not miss anything.

Is there any fix or pack to install or any type of workaround, that I can still view sites with flash ?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards