Default CM 10.2 & 11 - Headset Echo Problem - i9300

This problem is now affecting CM 10.2 and CM 11.

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know that CM 10.2 and CM 11 has an echo problem with earbud inline microphones. I do not know how to use JIRA its not very user friendly so i'll post it here.

I am using:

CM 10.2 Stable/Final and CM 11 Nightly
Samsung Galaxy S3 - International i9300
Skully Candy Smokin' Bud earphones with inline mic./ Original Samsung Earbuds.

Problem: When someone calls me they can hear themselves as they talk with the earbuds on. There are no issues with bluetooth, earpiece and speaker.

Attempted fixes:
I have disabled noise reduction.
Disabled all DSP Manager features.
Purchased new earbuds, nothing made a difference.

Fix: I flashed stock Android 4.3 into my phone, the echo completely disappeared.

I tested nightly and stable for CM 10.2 the and the problem is consistent in both. I have also tested for CM 11 Nightly.

I would use JIRA to provide feedback but I have no idea how to use it, so I'm putting it in the forum and hoping someone will see the feedback here.

Other than this echo problem, the firmware is fantastic.