Default [Q] Constant wakelocks

My s3 had been suffering constantly from wakelocks depending on the situation.
If I had location services and Google now closed audio_2 takeslevel.ost of my battery life (around 25% every 7 hours)
And if i turned them on audio_2 almost dissappears and url dispacthing service and npl wakelocks take over and drains the battery in the same level

Here is what I tried:
-formating phone and greenifying and non system apps
-installing a new version of cyanogen mod to 4.3.2 stable from 4.2.2 stable
-switching back to Samsung's stock 4.1.2 ROM
-using media scan
- Using task managers
-switching the battery

Seriously don't go on with there is no solution this problem is so annoying if it keeps up I'll consider throwing the phone