Default [Q] Samsung S3 GT-I9300 Win 8.1 No Drivers

I have litterally looked everywhere before asking and none seem to awnser my issue that I'm having.

I have in the past managed to get my phone to connect on a Win 8.1 Machine, and I managed to root it. I also noticed today that my IMEI is Null/Void. However, when I've come to repair the efs my Phone will not connect anymore. No Drivers are actually installing, when I first plug the phone in I get no automatic driver install from Windows. I have installed the Samsung Mobile Driver V1.5.14.0, and also Kies Version 2. None of this seems to make a difference, I have tried pulling the battery, changed different cables and USB ports but doesn't matter if I reset or anything it won't pick the phone up all it will do is charge the phone.

I checked on USBDeView for the Drivers and even though I have run the Driver install's they do not appear to be installed on the list of drivers I have installed either under "Android,Google or Samsung".

Any help would be fantastic, and then after that I need to fix the Not Registered on Network Error! But one thing at a time!