Default [Q] Enhancing volume


I had installed [ROM][AOSP][4.4.2][KOT49H] SuperNexus 4.0 - I9300 - Build 1 [25-12-13] as instructed in this forum. The installation was successful. I had also previously installed CM11 with the help of this forum. I notice that the volume level after installing SuperNexus is very low as compared to the volumes (speaker output) with CM11.

Also, I noticed that under the "preferred network type" there are only 2 options - 3G or 2G. While CM11 had 2G+3G (just like it was in Samsung stock version). Since in my country 3G network is not ubiquitous, I will have to keep changing the setting manually everytime (please correct me if this understanding is wrong).

I will really appreciate any help with the above two problems. I really liked the SuperNexus ROM and would like to keep it provided there are solutions to the above issues.

Many thanks in advance.