Unhappy Headphone sound NOT work on Boefella Kernel

Hi all,

Headphone & internalphone sounds doesn't work on beofella Kernel Version 5.2-beta5 or any older versions

my galaxy s3 GT-I9300 is rooted and I installed BusyBox

the sound not work after & before i installed BusyBox

also the sound not work when enabling or disabling boefella sound controll

please I need the solution of that problem
about my device ::-
android 4.3
ROM Version ::
the beginning of the problems when the device update from 4.1.2 TO 4.3 JSS15J.I9300XXUGNA7
when the update finish.'' not registered on the network '' when i call anyone
with false IMEI number

I flashed many modems and many stock Kernels on the device and no one work the network except (Patched_XXUFMJ9_kernel + Modem_i9300XXELLA )
which work the network but have problem with battary

when I flashed Boefella Kernel the sound problem appear on headphone and internalphone (the speaker work)

please find a solution for the headphone sound on boefella kernel
OR any another Kernel with modem which work the network finely