Default [Q] Need Help restoring Galaxysimunlock EFS backup!

I used galaxysimunlock to create a backup of efs, and now I cant seem to be able to restore it

I moved the original files to the GSU folder in sdcard and then hitted restore, but didnt seem to do the trick

I have 4 files, csc_backup.tar, efs_backup.tar and efs_img_backup.tar, all given by GSU

csc_backup is about 6kb
efs_backup about 8mb
efs_backup.tar about 66.3 kb
and efs_img_backup.tar 291 kb

Im freaking out, I think I may have lost my imei, but I did those backups when I had imei

EDIT: I tried moving all of efs folder from efs_backup.RAR to system, but now GSU says "cant read nv data"
EDIT2: I moved from 4.1.2 to 4.3 back to 4.1.2 and maybe that was the problem. But I still have the original EFS v1 files.