Default [Q] Internal SC card problems HELP PLEASE

I have got a major issue go with my S3. I had lost my IMEI number but managed to get it back then over night it mysteriously vanished again. SO I went to install a back from nandroid...this is when it went wrong.

I went into philz and formatted everything.....and this is where i think i borked the internal memory.

I have since tried to

Install Omega v58 and it just sticks on on the start up omega droid walking.
Install stock ROM via Odin but it just hangs on the Samsung logo.

I have rerooted the phone but when i go into CWM to try to apply update zip ( as i read somewhere else to do ) i get the following

E: can't mount /sdcard/update.sip

if I try to chose zip from sdcard i get the following

E: can;t mount sdcard

If I try to mount the sdcard i get

Error mounting /sdcard!
Error mounting /efs!

Could someone please give a total idiots guide on how to rescue my phone please.
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