Default Really poor wifi range (2-3 ft)

Initially I assumed all S3's have similarly terrible range, I've been looking for solutions since it came out and have had no luck finding a solution other than the static ip and disabling wifi battery saving feature.

The range is about 10x worse than my old phone (galaxy 3), I have a router in my 3m x 2.5m room and only get stable wifi access in less than half of it. I've tried usb tethering, the last time it worked, it was using an app PC/Android combo which worked sometimes, and dropped frequently. Since then, no tethering guide seems to work.

Is there any kind of known fix for this device, even if it's drilling a whole in my phone? (I'm willing to do it) Any bulky dongle or anything?
There's just so much love on this forum, it makes me want to cry.