Default [Q] S III as a Miracast TRANSMITTER dongle

Hi All,

I use an SIII to output wirelessly to my Miracast-enabled TV, through Allcast share.

I also have an old laptop, which doesn't have Miracast/WIDI hardware.

I would like to use the SIII as a Miracast transmitter dongle, to output the screen of my laptop to my TV, using the Miracast hardware of the SIII.

So far I have been able to do so by installing the Nomachine NX server on the laptop, the NX client on the SIII, establishing a connection and then activating Allcast.
It all works (audio and video), but it gets a bit laggy and stuttering when I try to stream videos from websites, as the CPU load on the laptop maxes out.

I was wondering if there's any more efficient way to do so, getting rid of some overhead and lag? Either through USB connection or WiFi?

Thanks in advance for any thought